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Once you find out you’re pregnant you’ll likely be elated if it was planned, or even if it was a pleasant surprise.

But soon after it will hit you that you have a long list of things to do in order to get ready. It can be pretty overwhelming and the last thing you need to do is find yourself worried and stressed out.

Having a really solid idea of what needs to be done step by step can be super helpful.

Below is a quick list that will give you an idea of some of the things you need to consider when you begin to prepare for your baby. You can also download it below and print it out with the pretty pdf we made for you! You can mark things off as you go.

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EVERYTHING You Need To Do From Start To Finish During Pregnancy

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trimester to do list

First Trimester


Make Sure You’re Actually Pregnant


It sounds so simple. But you’d be surprised how many false negatives come up. You do, in fact, need an official blood test to verify your pregnancy.

Or at the very least take several tests throughout the first month to make sure the pregnancy remains.

There’s also something called a chemical pregnancy that can happen which is essentially a very early miscarriage.

An embryo forms and may even embed in your uterus lining (implantation), but it stops developing. They often occur so early that many people who miscarry don’t realize it.

But if you are aware of your pregnancy the very first month just know that this can happen. That is one of the reasons you should take several tests and have a blood test.

Here’s a great pregnancy test kit that will help verify your pregnancy.


Find Your Obstetrician


If you don’t already have an Obstetrician now is the time to look at reviews and pick the right one for your birthing journey.

Go to a few appointments and see who feels right to you. You’ll be working intimately with your doctor and you want someone who will really listen to you and respect you.

You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find someone like that. I honestly didn’t mesh so well with mine and wished I had chosen someone else. She was rude to me a time or two during birth and she could be generally impolite.

Free Baby Milestone Cards

That’s not uncommon and you want to avoid it if possible. Birthing is a stressful process and you don’t want an inconsiderate doctor breathing down your neck, trust me on this one.

So choose wisely.

***Have You taken a prenatal birth course yet? Don’t have time? Here’s the best Premium online birthing course, and its first part is free! You will learn absolutely everything you need to know and it will help tremendously so make sure you sign up. A Class is a must and this one is simple, quick, and easy.

Stop All Bad Habits


This is a given but it’s something you need to consider as early as possible.

You need to quit smoking if you do, and stop drinking if you do that as well. You should also avoid prescription drugs that are unnecessary and talk to your doctor right away about any you are prescribed.

We know you already know to stop doing those things, but no article would be complete without mentioning them.

Also, stop eating sugar and junk food, and things that aren’t full of nutrients.

One other thing to avoid is the hot tub if you have one. This can be detrimental to your baby’s health because the heat can cause congenital birth defects. So be careful about this.


Start Getting Lots Of Extra Rest


Getting lots of rest is SO important during pregnancy but you’ll be especially tired during the first trimester.

You’ll feel like sleeping all the time because you’re building a tiny human.

So make time for lots of extra rest during this time and don’t plan a lot of things or projects. Just relax as much as possible.


Buy Maternity Clothes


Buying maternity clothes can be a fun way to celebrate your pregnancy once you get close to the second trimester.

There are lots of great things you can buy that you can wear after the baby comes too for awhile while your body adjusts back to its pre-pregnancy state.

Here are some great leggings to get you started that you can wear throughout and afterward.

I actually still buy a couple of pairs of these yearly, because they feel so supportive, and it’s been years since I was pregnant. They’re great and very versatile.

Belly Bandit is the place to buy all maternity clothing, in fact. They use really high-quality materials and they make the best maternity products on the market today.

Second Trimester

Get Your Mid-Pregnancy Ultrasound


It’s exciting to go to your mid-pregnancy ultrasound because you get to see and learn so much about your baby.

They will take images and measurements of specific organs and parts by freezing the screen.  This helps them evaluate your baby’s size for its gestational age.

The Tech will look at your baby’s stomach, urinary tract, kidneys, and other structures, as well as check for anomalies such as choroid plexus cysts.

You will also learn the sex of your baby during this time if you haven’t already with a blood test.

They will give you ultrasound pics to take home as well.

You should keep the ultrasound pic in a keepsake like our digital pregnancy memory book You can use the book to take a picture of each month of your pregnancy and tell a story of how you’re feeling and what you’ve experienced.

pregnancy scrapbook

It can be used in any PDF app like Goodnotes or Notability and it’s a great way to organize your thoughts and pics, instead of sticking them all in a file on the cloud somewhere to be forgotten. It comes with a fully linked digital pregnancy journal too with all kinds of fun extras, including digital frames and tape stickers.

You get the Digtial first year scrapbook too where you’ll be able to document your baby’s milestones for the first year.

You can find your books here. You can also get our full collection of scrapbooks here at a discount through this page. 


pregnancy scrapbook

Start A Baby Registry


A baby registry is a list of baby items you’ll need to get while awaiting the arrival of your baby. You can elect to invite others to purchase the items needed as gifts.

Here’s a list of the very best baby registries to pick from to start yours, and believe me, which one you pick really matters! They each have special benefits that you can pick from so choose wisely based on your needs.

Here’s another list that has absolutely everything you need to put on your baby registry list so that you’ll be prepared.


Decide On A Doula


If you would like extra support during delivery, a doula could be a good choice.

They can make birthing easier, attend to your needs, and can be an advocate for your birth plan because unfortunately, some facilities will try to disregard your wants when it comes to this.

I personally didn’t choose to have one in any of my births. I didn’t want the extra eyes on me and people in the way, but many women really enjoy having one.

Here’s a site you can go to so that you can find a doula near you.


Plan Out Your Childcare For Work


It’s important to have childcare plans in place for work before you have your baby.

It’s something to think about as soon as possible because it can be a big decision. Many parents are tortured over how to best serve their child’s needs through childcare while still maintaining their work.

You can choose to stay home, have a nanny or babysitter, or do daycare.

If you choose daycare begin reading reviews and getting references to the best options in town. You want to feel very comfortable with this decision, especially if your child will still be a baby when you go back to work.

It’s best to have it all figured out before your baby arrives to minimize as much stress as possible.


Start Working On The Nursery


Getting the nursery ready is a fun part of pregnancy. You get to pick a theme and buy the furniture or add them to your baby registry.

Once you get everything you need, you can paint and then begin assembling all of your baby’s things.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have it all done and be able to take a good look at your baby’s room.

It will really put everything into perspective.


Pick A Pediatrician


Finding the right Pediatrician can be surprisingly tricky. When I had my first child we just picked one and when we had a problem with our son she had a terrible bedside manner. We were taken aback, to say the least.

Then something else occurred and I called for advice. No one called us back for days. We quickly found a new doctor for our baby and when we called and told them to transfer the files they were rude.

We later looked at reviews on them and they were horrible.

So our advice is to be sure when you pick a doctor for anything to check all the online reviews. The Pediatrician you choose for your child will be someone you have to work with for a long time so you’ll want to be comfortable with them.


Plan A Baby Shower


You should set up a baby shower a few months before your baby arrives.

Typically baby showers are hosted by a sister, mother, or close friend.

 Most showers include games, gift openings, food, and fun activities for you and your guests. It’s a great chance to celebrate your pregnancy and your baby.

Planning it can be an enjoyable, memorable experience as well. It’s all just part of the fun of being pregnant.


Pack Your Hospital Bag


You should be prepared for birth by packing your hospital bag a couple of months ahead of time just in case.

You may go into labor early or have an emergency and it’s essential to be prepared.

Our digital Pregnancy workbook has all the lists you need as well as the hospital bag list. It’s fully linked and can be used in PDF apps like Goodnotes and Notability, just like our scrapbooks.

You’ll know exactly what to do throughout your entire pregnancy step by step so that you’re fully prepared in every way.

It’s a must for new moms. You can fill out your appointment planners and there are sections for everything.

See the pregnancy workbook package here. 

Best digital baby books


Third Trimester


Do Your Baby Proofing


Babyproofing your entire house can seem overwhelming but it’s an important job.

There are so many things your little one can get into so you have to be really careful.

Here’s a babyproofing checklist for every room in your house.


Take A Birthing Class


Taking a Birthing Class is an essential step in getting ready to have your baby. There’s a lot to know and understand as you prepare.

But no one wants to go out to classes these days, there’s just no time, especially when you’re pregnant and tired.

But there are online options that are just as good as in-person classes. We recommend this one right here. It’s one of the most popular birth courses available online and it gets rave reviews.

You can take a part of it free, right here so that you can see what it’s all about.


Prepare For Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding preparation is also a huge step you cannot overlook. You’d think breastfeeding would be simple but it’s definitely not. Taking a course will help prepare you on how to guide your baby onto the breast to get an appropriate latch.

We recommend Milkolgy. It’s the top breastfeeding course online. At only $27 it’s an excellent value and it only takes a few hours to take. You’ll go into breastfeeding knowing exactly what to do and you’ll be glad you took the time to take the course.

Have Your Baby Shower


So you have planned your baby shower and now it’s time to have your party.

You will receive some of the things you need for your baby during this time as well as have yourself a little bit of fun. So enjoy yourself with your friends and family.


Assemble All Gear


Now it’s time to put everything together and fully prepare for your baby’s arrival.

It won’t be long now before the big day and it’s a wonderful feeling to look into your nursery and know you’re fully prepared.


Prepare For Your Postpartum


One thing that often gets left out with all your preparation for a baby during pregnancy, is preparation for postpartum

I don’t know why this is left out of educational resources or that it’s not discussed but it’s a huge deal.

If you have a natural birth your flower is pretty much turned inside out and if you have a C-section it’s a major surgery.

There will be pain physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

You need to prepare for this stage in your life as you would any other and the first few weeks are quite brutal for most and women often find themselves completely unprepared.


Read up On Baby Care


Having a pregnancy book is a must but you should also have this book right here.

It will help prepare you for your experience with your baby and the first full year. Here’s a book specifically on the newborn phase too. I suggest you read them both. They are important resources.


Learn What To Expect At The Hospital


This is a great general list for you to use to get an idea of what is necessary to prepare for your baby. If you would like to download this list you can do so by going here. 

This list gives you a good idea of what to expect, but honestly, there’s so much more involved. We have a pregnancy workbook that has every single list and thing you need to do along with tons of resources and more. You can use it online, print it out, or use our digital workbook in PDF apps like Goodnotes and Notability. The book is beautifully designed and fully linked from front to back. Check the workbook out right here. You won’t be disappointed!

We wish you luck!

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trimester to do list

trimester to do list

trimester to do list

trimester to do list



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