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Packing all the right things in your hospital bag for childbirth is important. You don’t want to get caught without any of your necessities because you want to be as comfortable as possible, believe me.

You’ll want to have your comforts and needs met in a timely manner and having the right things on hand helps keep it simple.

Below is a list of all the most important things you and your babe will need.

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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Childbirth

hospital bag check list

Just The Basics:

Your ID, Insurance Card, and paperwork.

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For you:

Bring your phone, a long phone charger, a camera, and batteries. Bring something to read, and a tablet to watch movies on.

Bring a newborn book to read and maybe a novel. Music too if you want to listen to something soothing or help fill the time.

Bring your pillow from home because the ones at the hospital really suck,  a Maternity robe and gown or two, slippers, and socks.

You can get a hospital checklist that’s printable by entering your email below if that will make things easier for you!

For Baby:

Bring outfits, Carter’s has the CUTEST stuff! Receiving blankets ( By Carter’s as well ) socks, and an installed car seat, and a quilt or wrap around if it’s colder. Here’s a Cute quilt from Burt Bee’s, one of our favorite brands.

Bring Diapers if you prefer something better than what the hospital will offer ( you will ).

For Breastfeeding:

Bring nursing bras, breastfeeding pillows ( check out these! ), nipple pads, and nipple ointment.


hospital bag checklist


Extras You May Need:

Toiletries, some soft towels from home, snacks, and a photo of siblings so they know you’re thinking about them during this transitional time.

What you won’t need:

Diaper ointment, a breast pump, or valuables.

In the end…

These are the most important things you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag and if you want to go a step further you could get this pre-packed hospital bag and this travel toiletries bag. These make things VERY convenient and easy.

If you want a printable hospital bag list go back up to the top of this article and enter your information to receive it via email.

Good Luck Mama!!

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hospital bag check list

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