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Pregnancy is super fun but it also comes with some pretty gross side effects.

Your body just starts to do some really weird stuff, and you can blame it on the cascade of whirling hormones.

Below is a list of funny and gross stuff that happens during pregnancy.


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Gross Stuff That Happens During Pregnancy | What To Expect

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gross things that happen during pregnancy


Bad Breath


This is one of the first gross things that happen when you’re pregnant.

It pretty much shows up right after you get that positive pregnancy test.

It’s because Hormonal changes start hitting you hard and it really makes your breath stink. Ugh.

The fluctuation in the production of progesterone and estrogen in the body causes plaque on your teeth. The bacteria in the plaque produce sulfur which ultimately leads to bad breath.

It causes a metallic taste and it’s pretty unbearable and it smells like sulfur. Just have that sugar free gum ready AT ALL TIMES.

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There’s just no other way to put it. You’re gonna fart.

As your system produces more progesterone, it relaxes muscles in your body.


gross things that happen during pregnancy


This includes the muscles of your intestine which in turn allows gas to build up.

These bombs will smell like sulfur too. I’m so sorry.

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Your skin will go through all kinds of changes during this special time.

Some women will be glowing while others will get cystic acne that can be seen from the moon.

I was one of those women.

Your skin may get dry as well ( like my humor ), and this will include your scalp.

I got giant, weird flakes that came off my head during pregnancy and that’s something that has never happened to me.

Thankfully it went away afterward.

It’s a pretty common occurrence due to all those pesky hormones.





Some women get that lovely pregnancy glow as I mentioned before while others are not so lucky.

Pimples will often show up during the first and second trimester due to so many hormonal fluctuations.


gross things that happen during pregnancy


If you have a history of cyclic acne during your period, chances are you’ll have this problem during pregnancy also.


You’ll Stink


Pregnancy takes body odor to a whole new level.

It’s really bizarre.

It’s like regular body odor times ten. You can shower daily and it comes back quickly.

It will get especially bad during the postpartum period. Your body is once again flooded with changes and it just creates a strong hormonal odor.

A strong deodorant can help a bit.


gross things that happen during pregnancy


You’ll Have Discharge Non-Stop


Pregnancy discharge is known as Leukorrhea. It’s thin and milky white and has a light scent.

This is what you get instead of having a period during those nine months and it’s completely natural and healthy.

You get this discharge because of an increase in estrogen levels that cause increased blood flow to the pelvic area.

This stimulates the body’s mucous membranes, leading to an increase in vaginal discharge throughout pregnancy.

At the end of pregnancy, it can get thicker and even have blood streaks in it once you get ready to lose your mucus plug.

So having some pantyliners handy is always a good idea.


You’ll Be Constipated


Your digestion slows down significantly when you’re pregnant.

This happens so your body can absorb all the nutrients it can from food.

It also occurs because of all the extra progesterone loosening everything up. This can and will make your bowels slow down because they don’t contract quite the same as before.


gross things that happen during pregnancy


It can be pretty frustrating and uncomfortable.

If it gets too bad your Doc will likely prescribe some Miralax which can help a bit.


You’ll Be Bloated


Do to all that constipation and water retention you’re gonna feel really bloated.

Plus there’s a baby in there and that doesn’t help.

It’s all just part of pregnancy so keep in mind that it will pass eventually.

Just keep the end game in mind and go ahead and buy those maternity jeans you’ve been eyeing so you’ll be more comfortable.




And Last But Not Least, You’ll Poop During Birth


You finally get to poop! Yay!

But unfortunately, it will likely happen in front of several people.

You won’t just poop a little either, it will be ALL ya got. Yay again!

But for some lucky ladies, they go when labor starts. They empty their bowel naturally to prepare for birth.

You’d think everyone’s body would do that, but no….

This is possibly the worst thing on this list and you may not believe it when I tell you, but you won’t care.

You may worry about it quite a bit before the whole event but when your big day arrives you’ll be too distracted to give it a second thought so try not to dwell on it beforehand too much.

Everyone working on the maternity ward sees it daily and if your partner sees, well, they will forget all about it when they see their new babe, so no worries.

So that’s it. That’s all the weird and gross stuff that happens during pregnancy. It’s not so bad and after it all you’ll have your beautiful little one and you’ll forget all about the awkwardness of it all.

We wish you the best of luck!!

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gross things that happen during pregnancy


gross things that happen during pregnancy




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