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No matter how much information you find about giving birth and labor, it never seems like quite enough to calm your fears, especially if it’s your first baby.

The most common labor advice for new moms is to practice breathing techniques and Kegels. But there’s so much more to it all, of course.

You may have also read numerous articles about the different types of birth and the positions you need to try during labor.

Although this is helpful advice, most women hear the same thing over and over, and I’m guessing you already know what to pack in a hospital bag. We wanted to come up with some new ideas.

Here are the most beneficial labor tips that will genuinely take a massive load off your shoulders.

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Helpful Labor Advice for First-Time Moms

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labor advice for first time moms

Article written by Kat Sarmiento.

Relaxing Your Hands


One interesting and helpful tip is to relax your clenched fists during contractions.

This is imperative because new mothers get tense all over their bodies. This is the last thing you should do when delivering a baby.

Remember that calming your hands will relax your body enough to do most of the labor work for you.

This makes a significant difference because it is difficult to focus during labor, and you may make things worse by tensing all over. Remind yourself to stop squeezing your fingers as you push.


Birthing Positions


There is no shortage of blogs describing the benefits of squatting versus pushing, but you should always pick a position that feels most comfortable to you.

For instance, if you feel more at ease flat on your back while pushing, you do not need to pressure yourself to switch positions.

New mothers are often stressed and anxious, especially when everyone around them starts dictating what they must do. This is your journey, and you have the best instincts to trust yourself during the labor process.


The Right Push


There are too many instances where people start screaming at a new mother to push without explaining what that means or how to do it effectively.

The best way to start pushing during labor is to relax your pelvic floor muscles.

To make this easier, picture yourself blowing out your birthday candles with a bit of force.

You will discover that the muscles you use to perform the candle-blowing act are different from those you use to relieve yourself in the bathroom, even if it feels as though you are using the same.

Knowing how to push correctly before going into labor will take away a lot of stress from the experience.

You can feel secure knowing that you will push the right way instead of panicking when everybody around you becomes loud and forceful.

For this reason, you should take a Prenatal class online as is discussed in the section below.


Prenatal Classes


Even if you are heavily pregnant with swollen feet that refuse to let you move anywhere ( hey, we’ve all been there..), you should take a prenatal class before your babe comes.

An online prenatal course is ideal because you can literally do it at home without getting off your couch. Because who the heck wants to get up and go somewhere while heavily pregnant. I know I didn’t…

This is crucial because you need to know what to do when your labor begins.

Should you run to the hospital or wait for the contractions to become more alarming?

You can ask your doctor and they’ll give you some basic information but there’s a lot more to know than what they tell you, trust me on this, and you’ll want to be prepared.

You cannot learn everything you need to in an article like this either, so the best and most real advice any of these pages could give you is to sign up for an easy and quick online class.

The best part about prenatal classes is that they soothe your mind and soul by preparing you for the inevitable. They help you let go of some of those big fears and help you understand what will happen moment to moment.

Here’s the most popular prenatal course online. We highly recommend it and it’s quick and easy. You can also take part of it free here. 

*****While you’re looking at online pregnancy and prenatal classes you should also look into taking a breastfeeding course too if you’re planning to nurse. Breastfeeding DOES NOT come naturally to mom or baby as you’d expect. Check out our favorite course right here. It’s a couple of hours long and only $19.

Keep in mind that you are creating a human masterpiece that will become the love of your life, which is why labor is such a powerful experience.

labor advice

However, it is common to be fearful in the delivery room, and you should never hesitate to discuss your anxieties with your doctor.

They are qualified professionals who can provide a lot of helpful advice. Even though other people in your life may push various suggestions based on their own experiences, you should never feel obligated to follow directions you are uncomfortable with.

Going into labor is all about your baby and your body. You need to ensure that you prioritize your physical and mental health by sticking to your guns.

Always try to stay relaxed and calm during childbirth to avoid complications. Then you can enjoy a much shorter stay in the hospital and gather your strength to tackle more significant problems when your adorable newborn grows into a rebellious teenager.

Good luck mama, you’ll do great, we know it!

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