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If you told someone that you were going to specifically try to get pregnant with a girl ( or a boy ), by swaying the gender they would likely laugh and tell you that’s impossible.

But there’s actually a Science-based method that can help you accomplish just that.

It doesn’t always work because there are so many varying factors but it works a lot of the time!

It’s called the Shettles Method.

Keep reading to find out how to increase your chances of getting that baby girl you’ve been dreaming of.

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How To Conceive A Girl

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how to get pregnant with a girl

The Shettles Method was created by Dr. Shettles and it’s been around since the 1960s.

Couples who use this method trying to conceive a girl have had a whopping 75% success rate!

So it really does increase your chances of getting the babe you want or so it seems.

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The Method 

The Egg carries an X chromosome. A sperm may carry either an X or a Y chromosome.

So the sperm is the determining factor in the sex of your baby.

Dr. Shettles found that the male sperm could swim much faster than the female sperm but it would tire out quicker. The male producing sperm also die off quicker.

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The girl sperm is tougher and bigger but swims at a slower pace. They also survive the longest.

The Shettles method suggests that certain vagina environments, sexual positions, and dates of intercourse related to when you ovulate will favor one sperm over the other, based on the sperm’s differences.

How to conceive a girl


So what does this all mean and how can you sway the sex of your baby knowing what we know?

First, you’ll need to figure out exactly when you ovulate.

There are some really great kits out there that can help you determine this. Here’s a really good one with 50 ovulation test strips and close to 20,000 positive reviews.

Once you have a good view of when you ovulate each month, you’ll need to have sex two or three days before it happens.

That way the quicker male sperms will die off.

This gives the slower and more resilient female sperm time to swim up and make it just in time to meet your egg once it makes its way down into your uterus.

Dr. Shettles has also advised avoiding orgasm when trying to conceive a girl.  he also recommends shallow penetration.

All of this helps keep the male sperm away longer.

Pretty crazy right? Some have tried to discredit this method over the years but with a whopping 75% success rate I’m guessing the Doc is onto something.

If you want a more in-depth view of the Shettles Method you can check out his book right here. 

In The End…..

In the end, all you can do is try and it looks like the Shettles Method is not only fun but will really increase your chances of getting the baby you want.

But if you end up getting a surprise boy for whatever reason, I’m sure he’ll be just a perfect little angel too!

All that truly matters is a healthy bouncing babe that you can love.

I wish you all the luck in the world and lots of baby dust!

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How to conceive a girl


How to conceive a girl


How to conceive a girl


How to conceive a girl


How to conceive a girl





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