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Monitoring your baby’s fetal kick count can save your baby’s life. It’s a very important skill you’ll need to learn.

It’s important for expectant mothers to keep track of their baby’s movements, especially if your pregnancy is high-risk.

Fetal movement is a good indicator that things are going well, and can offer you the reassurance that the baby
is healthy, Lack of a certain amount of movement can be a sign of something seriously wrong.

Counting fetal movement isn’t difficult and it can be a relaxing time for both you and the baby.

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How To Monitor Fetal Kick Count

It’s easy to do, first, you’ll want to find a comfortable place to sit or lay. You’ll need a piece of paper or journal and a timing device (a stopwatch or app on your phone should work just fine).

Start by lying or sitting on your side. Once comfortable begin the timer and count each movement your baby

All rolls, kicks, jabs, and flutters count. Once you’ve gotten to 10 movements, stop the timer and record
how long it took from the first movement to last.

It’s as simple as that!

Most babies will move at least 10 times in an hour.

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While monitoring fetal kick counts, here are a few additional tips for tracking movement:

 Try to count movements around the same time every day. Try evening or dinner time, after meals, or after
snacking is when babies are most active.
 Write it down. A daily log or journal is a great way of keeping track of movement and is a great tool for
communicating with your doctor during checkups. Your doctor may or may not ask to see it, but still do it because they certainly should be asking about it and you want to be prepared.
 Lay on your left side for better circulation for the baby.
 As your pregnancy progresses the baby has less room to move and those sensations won’t be as
noticeable as they once were. Overweight women, too, may struggle to notice kicks or movement.
 For some women, tracking fetal kicks can lead to increased anxiety. If that does happen for you just
make a conscious effort of being aware of the baby’s movements throughout the day; over time you’ll be
able to recognize when something feels different. Report any concerns to your doctor or midwife.


easy way to count fetal kicks

In the end….

Movement is an important indicator of your baby’s health.

If a baby does not move at least 5 times within a two-hour period contact your doctor right away. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck to you mama!

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