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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You are about to embark on the most incredible journey in a woman’s life.

However, it does come with some challenges and discomforts, and if it’s your first time, you probably already have a million questions.

A lot of symptoms are about to hit you as well.

The most common conditions that expecting mommies typically face are headaches, morning sickness, bladder control, backaches, sleep deprivation, and stress.

If you are already dealing with these conditions then below is a list of pregnancy essentials you need to make things easier!

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Pregnancy Essentials: Things You Need During the Journey


Healthy Nutrition and Use of Ginger


Nausea, also known as morning sickness, can occur around the second half of the first trimester.

It can be debilitating if you’re unlucky enough to have it really badly.

While some struggle with nausea only in the mornings, it’s a round-the-clock battle for others.

The first thing to do is to find the triggers and stay clear of them.

Letting yourself get too hungry and empty can be a trigger.

Also, fatty, spicy, and greasy foods are a big NO in such situations.

Easy-to-digest food such as bananas, toasts, and toasts are highly recommended.

But the most useful remedy that people find to work is the use of ginger.

It can be taken mixed with herbal tea or your meals. You can even get ginger candies like these. 

Or you can drink a Ginger tea like this one.

There are also Ginger suckers that can be really useful.

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Prenatal Vitamins


Even if you’re eating a balanced diet, it’s still possible to miss some essential nutrients.

So you should start taking your prenatal vitamins if you’re not already taking them. Here’s an AMAZING prenatal that we highly recommend here at This Little Nest.

Consuming vitamins is an easy way to fill in any gaps and support both your body and your baby’s growth and development.

You can easily get your monthly supply of pre-natal vitamins by filling out survey forms that ask questions about your pregnancy.

Take Care Of’s quiz can help you know the nutritional needs of your body.



Total Body Pillows


As the baby grows, the pressure on the bladder increases which means it can not hold the amount of urine it used to. This is so annoying….

As a result, you’ll wake up multiple times during the night to relieve yourself. But the real struggle is finding the right position to go back to sleep in which can take hours sometimes.

But a good body pillow can really help you get comfortable quickly. It’s a must-have.

They work wonders for pregnant women and they’re amazing on those long and uncomfortable nights.

Here’s the PERFECT pregnancy pillow and you can get it on Amazon for a great price!

pregnancy essentials


Comfortable Footwear and Compression Socks


Due to the increase in blood volume and fluid retention in the body, it is very common to have swollen feet in the second trimester onwards.

You shouldn’t worry about excessive blood and fluid as it helps keep your body soft and prepared for giving birth.

You can switch to comfortable, soft, shoes like these that are very supportive during your second trimester. They’re not super cute but your feet will thank you….

Knee-high compression stockings have a gentle squeezing effect which keeps the fluids in your legs circulating. You can find some cute ones made just for pregnancy right here. 


Maternity Clothes


Your body changes a lot as you progress in your pregnancy.

You are going to get bigger, your clothes won’t fit any longer, and finding what looks good on you with that baby bump will become frustrating. But it can be fun too!

It is important to get comfortable with and enjoy being big, relax! It will go away after giving birth.

Get yourself some maternity bodycon dresses, maternity pants with a stretchable band at the top, leggings and you’re good to go.

You’ll also need to purchase some new bras. You can go ahead and get nursing bras so that you don’t have to buy more after your babe is born.

Here’s a great option from Belly Bandit, the only clothing company we recommend for all your maternity and postpartum needs.

Speaking of Belly Bandit, they call their signature postpartum leggings ‘ Mother Tuckers ‘ … Isn’t that cute?! I have a bunch of them and I still wear them all the time!

Maternity Belts and Belly Bands


As your pregnancy advances, your body will go through many transformational changes and you will experience frequent back and pelvic pain.

The reasons are weight gain, posture changes, muscle separations, stress, and hormonal changes, of course. All normal but uncomfortable nonetheless.

The discomfort begins in most pregnancies around the 2nd half of the second trimester.

Your best option is exercise and stretching to boost your flexibility and strengthen your back muscles.

Acupuncture, maternal massages, and chiropractic care are proven backache relievers. Just make sure they’re aware of your pregnancy so that they can be safe in their procedures.

Maternity belts and belly bands are really useful during this time because they will help support your belly and back as well as help you maintain correct posture.

I really recommend you have a couple of these and Belly Bandit is the place to get them. It’s our favorite place to recommend for maternity clothing and support as I mentioned earlier.

You should have one like this to support your tummy while pregnant. It will help a lot with back pain.

During Postpartum you should have one like this to help bring your separated abdominal wall back together postpartum. It’s called the Mother Tucker Belly Compression Corset and it’s actually pretty too.

I own one that I STILL wear. It rises up past your bra in the back so it hides any bulges so you have a smooth-looking silhouette in the back and front.

Read more about your abdominal wall and why you should use a band postpartum right here because it’s really important!

pregnancy essentials

Pregnancy Books 


Of course, you’ll want to have a couple of pregnancy books handy to reference. All new mamas need these!

There are plenty of informative books to walk you through your pregnancy and answer all your questions but no pregnancy is complete without this book right here. It’s THE pregnancy book and it’s updated often.


Massage oils, Itch Lotions, and Body Butter


Stretch marks are like battle scars and you should wear them with all the pride in the world as it shows how selfless you have been.

Having said that, stretch marks can be minimized if they bother you, and there’s is a good chance they will go away eventually or at least fade dramatically over time.

Here are some great tips that will help you avoid stretch marks through your pregnancy.

One thing you can do is keep yourself hydrated to maintain the elastin in your skin, as well as make sure you’re getting the essential Vitamins and minerals you need for healthy skin.

You can also use topical vitamin E oil along with a nice belly butter to keep your cells soft and stretchy.

Massaging your belly with coconut oil and body butter is reported to be very effective in relieving tight skin so give it a try!


Staying Hydrated


It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to stay hydrated.

When you are pregnant you get dehydrated easily and are more prone to UTIs as well.

So, try to drink lots and lots of water. If you want a little flavor, you can try a little coconut water, milk, and juices to mix things up.


In The End….

The bottom line is to make yourself as comfortable as possible during this beautiful and fulfilling journey and there are tons of ways in which you can do that.

This list of pregnancy essentials will help you with what you need to get you started.

Lastly, remember the golden rule: when in doubt, call your doctor. No question is too small.

We wish you luck, mama!

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