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When I first started blogging a couple years back, I knew I wanted to make money Blogging, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I knew many bloggers made a full-time income and even much, much more than that but I just didn’t know where to begin.

As I began to do research and dip myself deep into Blogland Things began to come together quite nicely. I found that there are many ways to make a living blogging and You can start right from the beginning…

I mean you’re definitely not going to get rich overnight but you can create a trickle of income at the start and that’s exciting. Every little bit helps and it will give you the boost in morale that you need to keep going.

In a few short months, you can be making enough income to pay a couple of bills. In a couple of years, if you work really hard, you can be making enough to support yourself and family at the very least.

In this post, I will show you how to begin making money from day one. This IS possible. I will show you exactly how so read on my friends…

I will go over advertising income, Sponsored Posts and And affiliate programs for each stage of blogging, from the beginning to Pro.

By the way, This post contains a couple of affiliate links that help support our blog at no extra cost to you. I only include links to things I love and know well.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Let’s Make Money Blogging!

If you have between 0 To 29,000 Pageviews

Many bloggers feel like they cannot make money blogging at such an early stage, but you sure can! It won’t pay the mortgage, not typically anyways, but you can bring some in. It can be very fun and encourage you to push through the waiting period that all bloggers go through at the start.

By the way, If you’re looking for a good educational resource on how to Increase your page views there’s an ebook called From 17,000 to 350,000 pages views in 9 months. It’s by Lena at What Mommy Does and it’s currently the leading book on the subject. She tells you exactly how she went from less than 20,000 to a whopping 350,000 in 9 months. Man, that is absolutely mind-blowing! I have read the book and it’s very good. It’s a must-read for any blogger. You can go over and have a look right here if you are interested.

So anyway, moving right along ?

This is a good Network to start with. They will approve you as long as your blog looks professional and legit. You need about 10,000 to get approval and they’re easy to work with.

Google Adsense

You can sign up for Google Adsense pretty much from the beginning but I say skip it. They pay pennies and they’re just not that great. Sorry Google.


Infolinks is a pretty good network to start with. You will make more then you would with Google Adsense and the payout threshold is much lower. All in all, it’s a good place to start.

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Gourmet Ads

If you do any sort of food and recipe blogging this network is for you! They’re a great ethical company and you only need 1000 page views a month to start with this company.


This is another top choice for beginning bloggers and small business owners. This is a major network with high-quality advertisers. They have no minimum on traffic and they’re very good at targeting their ads at the right audience. This is the best choice here and my opinion. You can sign up here.

Did you know that a brand new blog with low traffic can still get some pretty good paying sponsored posts? It’s true! There are some awesome companies that will pay you well to write their posts. Check them out below~

Social Fabric

Social Fabric is the best Sponsor Network to join when you are first starting out. They will pay $200 a post once you have 5000 page views per month. They will pay $50 or so if you are below that. Not too shabby for a beginner. They can provide pretty consistent work too so this should be your first choice if you’re looking to do sponsored work.

Direct Contact

This is the next option you should consider when it comes to Sponsored Posts. You should consider contacting the companies that interest you directly. There are other companies like Social Fabric for newer blogs but the posts they offer you will be inconsistent until you are getting more page views.

You can email them and let them know you are interested in working with them. Some will be interested in working with you and some will not be until later. But it’s certainly doesn’t hurt and you can get work this way.

One benefit of doing this is that you can set your own prices and you cut out the middleman so you keep more of your dough, yo. Yep, I just made a rhyme ;0

But seriously, Don’t be afraid to do this. You’re a Boss Babe and you gotta go for it. The worst that can happen is them saying no.

Massive Sway

This is another great company ran by The Sits Girls and a few others. Your opportunities will be less consistent with lower page views but you will get some work.

I recommend you join both Massive Sway and Social Fabric while contacting a few of your fav companies in between. This will keep you busy if Sponsored Posts are your thing.

Have you thought about starting a Blog but you’re not sure how to go about it? Are you on the fence because it seems too technical?? It’s really not nearly as hard as you think. You can set up a blog for very cheap in about 15 minutes even if you have no idea what you’re doing. Here’s a tutorial with screenshots to get you started. Do something life changing and become your own Girl Boss today!!

Amazon Associate’s Program

If you know anything about blogging then you have heard of this program. You can put up an affiliate link for anything under the sun { if it’s on Amazon of course } and earn a tincy, tiny commission from it. You have a whopping 24-hour cookie with them.

Do you detect a bit of sarcasm?? Well, you’re right my friends, I’m not a huge fan. I think they’re a bit greedy when it comes to their program.

With that being said some do earn a good bit from them and You do get a commission for everything customers buy that was in their cart when they purchase products from your link so that helps.

It’s pretty easy to get accepted into the initial stages of this program but you need to make some conversions within a specific amount of time or they boot you out. They do say you can rejoin once your site is bigger though.

Speaking of affiliate sales, it’s good to get educated on the laws and techniques used in this part of the industry. Affiliate sales don’t happen by accident { not usually }, and you really need to know what you’re doing. It’s a good idea to take a course on affiliate marketing and I suggest you look into Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.  This course is by Michelle over at Making sense of cents. She makes over $100,000 a MONTH. She is an expert on the subject and she knows what she’s talking about. I mention this course often because I have taken it and it’s excellent. This is the best education on affiliate marketing currently found on the web so have a look here if you’re wanting to learn more.


BrandCycle is a great option for beginners. It’s sort of like Amazon only you can sign up to get affiliate links at places like American eagle, Banana Republic, Etsy, Lacoste, Macy’s,  Target and many more. They pretty much cover all the major retail companies and products that Amazon Doesn’t. In my opinion, they are WAY better than Amazon. They have much cooler stuff and the payouts are often better.

The cookie for BrandCycle is 30 days so this company is a great one to work with all around.


This is the best Affiliate network to join for beginners. They are definitely my favorite. They are easy to use and they almost always approve everyone. You can take a look at Share~A~Sale here.

Blurb Affiliate Program

Have you seen or heard of the Blurb Platform? You can make your own eBooks or even hard copies. You can make photo books, children’s books, novels, cookbooks and anything else you can think of. People LOVE that! These products sell themselves and their affiliate program can help you easily make money. Put up a few manners and write about it a few times and you’ll start making money. The program is easy to join, you don’t need a big audience to get accepted and they are very professional and helpful. You won’t be disappointed in this affiliate program and its easy income. You have to join this one! It’s the PERFECT starter affiliate program. You can join right here and new affiliates get a free gift.

30,000 to 99,000 Page Views

So you have worked really hard and you made it to 30,000 Pageviews!  Great, I know it wasn’t easy…

Now you will have more opportunities to really increase your income. Let’s look at ways to maximize your money at this point.


MediaVine is the best in between Ad Network. There are no others that really compare. Your ad income will jump from around $50 to $350-$500 when you switch to them so they’re a great company to work with.

Pollinate Media and RealClever

These are the two Sponsor Platforms you will want to join at this point. The Sponsored posts offered will pay a good bit more from these lovely companies. They can be picky about who the approve though so make sure you have all your ducks in a row..

At This point, you can essentially apply to any network as far as affiliate platforms are concerned. As long as your Blog is Professional and Well Pulled together you will likely get approved.

You can now begin making more money with companies that give you a larger percentage of referrals and sells. There are hundreds of affiliate networks to choose from. Just sit down with Google for a bit and do your research and pick the ones that best suit your needs.

If there is a company that you’re interested in but you cannot seem to find anywhere, you can always contact them individually. Most larger companies have a program somewhere and they can point you in the right direction.

Now is a good time to consider creating your own products. Most bloggers do this eventually. At this early in the game, I would suggest a nice Ebook to start. Once you really get going you should consider courses and programs.

This is really where the dough comes pouring in. If you have a really awesome product and you have researched how to launch it just right, you can do really well.

Here’s a great Ebook by Lena At What Mommy does that will teach you just How to write and launch your first ebook. It’s a good Book so be sure to check it out!

Higher Than 100,000 Page Views

Woohooo! You’re Awesome and you know it! You have worked hard and you have hit that golden Marker that every blogger hopes for. If you’re especially lucky and especially smart you’ll make your way much higher and worrying about how to increase your income won’t be something you ponder very often anymore. You’ll know the ends and outs and you’ll know just what to do to keep those numbers rising.

At this point, you can join anything you want as long as your site doesn’t contain some kind of inappropriate content. The world is your oyster ?

You’ll surely want to create digital products at this point as well. With a growing fan base like this, there will be plenty of money to be made on your subject of choice.

Congrats to you!

One company I do want to mention is AdThrive.  This company is the Holy Grail of Ad companies, at least in my opinion.  You do have to get to 100,000 page views to hang with this crew.

Once you’re able to join your ad income will jump from hundreds to thousands a month! That’s good money for something as simple as ads so be sure to apply once you get to the top..

Well, That’s it! As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to make money blogging at every stage.  Make sure you do your research and maximize your income at each stage without sacrificing the reader’s experience.

Enjoy the journey, my friends!

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