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The Way Your site is presented to the world is extremely important. People want eye candy.

If they come to your site and you have really bad, poorly lit pics, they’ll bounce before the whole page loads.

It’s super important that you have really beautiful, clear bright photos. It can make or break your Blog or Website.  You may have really great content but if your pictures are awful, Well, It’s a huge turnoff.

If you want to really compete with top blogs and Create incredible pins for Pinterest, You will likely need to invest a little.

Luckily, I have the scoop! and I can tell you EXACTLY where the top bloggers get their amazing photos so you can tap into those resources as well.

{quick tip: Never ever just take pics from other blogs or Google. This is a huge no no and many others have been penalized and sued, having to pay huge fines for doing this.

Real, professional blogs either take their own photos or they purchase stock photography. Stock photography can be found all over the web at great rates so don’t worry about it being too expensive. }

Below are a few of my favorite places to get pics. Many other bloggers use these, and I do too.

My absolute fav Site for pictures is Ivory Mix. This girl knows how to take stock photos. I just love them.

Three Bird Nest, Stock photo options

The above photo is one from Ivory Mix.

You won’t be disappointed and I think her current rate is $10 or so bucks a month and you get access to thousands of amazing pics! You can’t go wrong!!

I really love OH TILLY stock photography as well. She is a doll and her photos are fresh, Professional and awesome. About half the photos on my site come from her.

Photo above: Oh Tilly’s

If you’re looking to buy one or two photos at a time you can check out Creative Market. They have some pretty great stuff as well although I personally prefer the services above because you get a whole library at your fingertips and you save a bunch of money. Here’s a lovely photo I bought from Creative Market:

Three Bird Nest, Stock Photos

The next best place is Etsy! Bet you never considered that before. They have fantastic choices at great prices.

Lastly, I wanted to mention Canva. They have stock photos you can choose from and they can be stretched to the appropriate size for your social media outlet. For instance, You find a pic and you want to use it for Pinterest. You can stretch it into the square and show the most attractive part of the pic. Or you can pick their pre-sized photos. You can upload your own Stock photos as well here and fit them into each social media post.

There are other sources for your photo needs too like Shutterstock where you’ll find every type of photo you can think of. They are the stock photo leader on the web and they don’t disappoint.

Those are my top choices for Stock photos and I hope you’ll find one of them to be the perfect fit for your blog or business.

Just remember as I said before, never just take photos of Google or other sites. You don’t want to get into hot water and ruin your business before you get a good start!

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Where to find stock photos

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