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Summer pregnancy can be a stressful experience no matter how eager you are to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more children are born between July to September, and August is the most popular month for pregnancies.

Being pregnant during summer is no walk in the park, especially if you live in some of the hottest states.  Besides the heat and humidity, an increase in the progesterone hormone during your first trimester also increases body temperature.

Here are all the must-haves, must-knows, and must-dos to help prevent overheating and mood swings.

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Summer Pregnancy Must-Haves

summer pregnancy must haves

The Must-Haves


Think about a summer pregnancy like it is a camping trip. You need a well-planned kit to safely get through the experience. No matter how excited you are, there will be some rough parts that need preparation in advance.

The first item you need to add to your pregnancy kit to make those hot months a little more bearable is sunscreen.

Grab nothing less than SPF 30 off the shelf, and make sure it does not contain Oxybenzone.

Oxybenzone is a risky endocrine-disrupting chemical in sunscreens that can mimic hormones to cause endometriosis. It can also lead to a birth defect called Hirschsprung’s disease, which adversely affects an infant’s development, neurological, immune, and reproductive symptoms.

Always spring for sunscreen and sprays without Oxybenzone. Even 6% of this chemical during your first trimester can get absorbed into your bloodstream and harmfully reach the fetus. So this is very important!!

Another item you should buy is an all-natural bug spray. When you are pregnant, you need to protect yourself from all the itchy bites and keep your baby safe from any potential diseases like the Zika pregnancy scare.

You will also need a handheld fan ( for real, ladies you NEED that ), a sun

hat to shield your sensitive skin, tank tops,

maternity dresses, maternity dresses, and maternity dresses

For better sleep, invest in inexpensive silk pillowcases to avoid waking up to flip your pillows during the night.

Finally, you will drink a lot more water during your pregnancy and always keep a water bottle close.


The Must-Knows


During summer, many pregnant women wonder whether it is safe to go for a swim. Unless your doctor has advised against swimming, it is perfectly safe for you and the baby.


summer pregnancy must haves


Swimming is one of the healthiest exercises during pregnancy to maintain your usual fitness level. Assuming you do a few breaststrokes instead of competitive laps as though you are training for the Olympics. You never want to overdue it obviously.

Most women in their third trimester enjoy swimming because it helps them feel weightless.

Chlorine is safe during pregnancy but only in moderation. Avoid swimming or floating in a chlorinated pool for several hours, and spend more time lounging near the water or only dip your feet to feel refreshed.

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Avoid hot tubs at all costs.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that hot tubs are dangerous for pregnant women during summer ( or anytime while pregnant ) because it raises a mother’s body temperature to an unsafe level for unborn babies.

Unfortunately, during my very first pregnancy, I got in a hot tub before I knew I was expecting. I did have a miscarriage soon after I found out I was pregnant and it was devastating. So always be aware even if you’re trying and you’re not sure yet. It could mean everything.

Generally, steaming hot water should be shunned altogether, even while having a shower. If you want to take a sunset stroll down by the beach, make sure to take a friend or partner with you in case you become injured or ill.

There should always be someone by your side to respond quickly in an emergency.

Carry a fully charged phone with you to stay in touch with family members and your doctor, and do not exhaust yourself walking around with too many shopping bags during summer sales.

There will be plenty of time to do a lot of heavy lifting with diapers, milk, and snacks after the child is born if you are eager for a challenge.


The Must-Do’s


No matter how restless you feel after getting out of bed, avoid physical activities in direct sunlight.

It is best to schedule all your workouts early in the morning or after sunset to prevent exposure to the scorching heat.

You should also stay hydrated all day with up to 10 glasses of water and more if you exercise.

If you need to spend most of your time outdoors, you should drink low-sugar electrolyte fluids. Or low sodium V8. That’s an even healthier choice and it’s delicious.

Many mothers feel restless while pregnant, but there are many fun activities you can do.

Take a relaxing stroll with your partner or best friend while choosing baby names and click some magnificent sunset selfies together.

Drink tons of smoothies because they are so refreshing and will replenish your daily fruit requirement.

The best ingredients to use are Greek yogurt and frozen fruits that you can blend perfectly. Minigolf is another exciting activity that does not need you to exert yourself.


summer pregnancy must haves


There are also indoor minigolf courses with plenty of shade and air conditioning where you can treat yourself to a delicious non-alcoholic cold beverage after a game.

Finally, summer is a great time to wear a loose and stunning outfit for a date night to feel beautiful again.

This is necessary because women sometimes feel huge and forget that they can still look gorgeous while heavily pregnant.

A date with loved ones is an exceptional opportunity to get out of the house for a while when it is not too hot.

Splurge on a nice dinner and treat yourself if you are bored of sitting on the couch binging on Netflix.

This will be worthwhile because once the baby is born, you may not get much free time without a newborn always by your side crying into the night for many summers.


In the end…..

The point of all this is to stay safe and happy during the summer months while pregnant. If you follow the rules above you’ll have a lovely summer pregnancy.

We wish you all the best and good luck to you, mama!

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summer pregnancy must haves



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