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Once your baby is born you may find some unexpected things happen. You always pictured her to be tiny and perfect but when they finally come they are squishy and strange.

Some really odd stuff will go on during those first few weeks, but not to worry, they are all totally normal and will pass with time.

So what should you expect? Jump into the list below to find out so nothing takes you by surprise.

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15 Weird But Normal Things Newborns Do

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Strange things that newborns do #newborncare #newborns #postpartumbaby


They’re All Squishy


You have a lovely picture in your mind of what your baby will look like. We all do.

But then you have him and he is all mashed up and flat in the face.

This is completely normal and it’s caused by your baby traveling through the birth canal. The longer it takes for you to give birth, the more squishy he may look.

Not to worry though, in a few short weeks he will be the perfect tiny human you have always envisioned. His features will settle and he will take shape.


Poop Of All Colors

First, it’s black, then it’s mustard yellow.

The color of your baby’s poop will change a lot for various reasons over the first few months.

The black poop your baby has at first is called Meconium. It’s a tar-like substance that represents your baby’s first stool.

There can be only a few black poops or A LOT. My second child pooped Meconium nonstop for the first few days. I was literally changing his diaper ALL THE TIME.

After your milk comes in the poop will turn a seedy mustard yellow. It’s all really gross and wonderful!

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The Baby’s Head Will Get Yucky


Babies very often get Cradle Cap. It’s also known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis and it usually doesn’t cause discomfort.

Cradle cap causes crusty or oily scaly patches on a baby’s scalp. Similar scales may also be found on the ears, eyelids, nose, and groin.



To help relieve the condition wash your baby’s scalp with gentle cleansers and then comb through their hair. Sometimes when the scales come off they bleed a little and leave sore spots so be careful.

This condition can happen to older children too and it’s believed it may be caused by yeast or fungus so keeping the scalp clean is key.

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Baby Can Get Really Bumpy


Your baby will probably get pimples and hormones are to blame. Your hormones to be exact.

Your baby still has maternal hormones circulating in her bloodstream causing little pimples to present themselves all over her sensitive skin.

It can get pretty bad too but it doesn’t bother your baby in any way so don’t worry.


It usually begins between 2 to 4 weeks and can last a couple of months.

There’s nothing you can do about it aside from keeping your baby’s skin clean. It just has to go away on its own as your baby’s body clears the extra hormones.



Your baby May have Fine Hair On His Body


This hair is known as lanugo.

Some babies are absolutely covered in it while others shed it in utero at around seven or eight months.

The hair is supposed to help keep your baby warm until they develop more fat and are able to self regulate their own body temperature.

Funny right? The hair will shed on its own after the first few weeks of life.

 Babies Are REALLY Jumpy


Babies have something know as the startle reflex that makes them throw their hands up in the air when woken suddenly or surprised.

After he throws his arms up he’ll draw up his knees in and then bring his arms back close to his body in a protective manner.

This can seem really strange and confusing to new parents who’ve never seen it before.

Experts believe this is baby’s first attempts at protecting themselves from danger.

They’ll do it in response to a loud noise, a sudden movement, or the sensation of falling. Or sometimes they’ll do it while sleeping.

The reflex usually disappears around four months, but until then, swaddling your baby at night can help him feel more secure.

Just offer him lots of love and support when he startles so he feels like his environment is a safe place and it will pass with time.


Crying Without Tears


When your baby is a newborn she will cry without tears.

Newborns don’t shed tears because their tear ducts haven’t fully formed. But after about a month they will have the ability to produce tears.

Yet sometimes they still cry without tears.

This is usually because the baby is trying to communicate something to you. Perhaps it’s boredom, discomfort, or hunger.

If your baby cries hard with tears after the one month mark it usually indicates extreme discomfort, pain, or upset.





Baby’s Will Scratch 


Have you ever seen a newborn with those funny little mittens over their hands? Those serve an important purpose.

Your baby has longish, sharp little nails when she’s born and she’ll really cut herself up if left to her own devices.

You can attempt to cut them with tiny clippers when they get long enough but at first, it’s tough and they grow fast.

Even if you do manage to cut them they can still slice sensitive newborn skin.

So be sure to have some of those handy little mittens for your newborn.




Babies With Breasts And Swollen Genitals 


Sometimes when a baby is born it looks like they need a little training bra. Boys included.

But it’s Totally normal for newborn babies (boys and girls) to have swollen, enlarged breasts.

Simply put, this is due to exposure to maternal hormones in the womb.  It’s the same hormones that prepare a mama’s breast to expand and produce milk.

Fluid may also leak from the baby’s nipples but it is harmless and it will pass within the first month or so.

Their genitals will likely be swollen as well.

This is also due to lingering hormones and will pass with time.


Baby May Look Cross Eyed


Often times a newborn baby’s eyes may seem crossed. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

Your baby’s eyes are simply not strong enough to coordinate yet but the problem corrects itself over time.

If by 4 months you think your baby’s eyes are still not quite right, talk to your Pediatrician about seeing a specialist.


Strange things that newborns do #newborncare #newborns #postpartumbaby



Explosive Diapers


All those cute clothes you bought for your little guy? Some of them are gonna get ruined by poop blowouts.

At first, your babe will have smaller Bowel movements but as your baby grows he will poop and it will come out of the back of the diaper all the way up his back. It’s so gross.

But it happens to all babies. Yuck!

Getting the right size diaper can help minimize the problem but all babies go through a phase where they do this on the daily.

Good luck!!


Erections Are Common


You may think that only older boys get erections but this is not so.

You may be surprised to find your newborn getting one often but it’s no cause for worry.

In fact, it signals that his nervous system is up and running well.

It may also happen when he has a full bladder and needs to urinate.


Sleep Movements And Grunting


When you think of your sweet girl sleeping you imagine stillness and quiet.

But babies often have restless sleep.

They will make grunting sounds all through the night and draw their legs up to their chest and back down over and over.

This happens because she may have digestive distress, or she’s trying to pass gas and have a Bowel Movement.

Eventually, as your baby’s digestion gets stronger and the muscles to push out a bowel movement improve this simple task won’t be so disruptive and she’ll sleep more soundly.


Strange things that newborns do #newborncare #newborns #postpartumbaby


Oddly Shaped Heads And Bulging Soft Spots

I know most of the time you see babies with nice smooth round heads.

But this is often not the case right after birth.

Going down the birth canal is rough business and depending on how long they’re in there it can really misshape their skull for awhile.

It’s even worse if they had to use forceps or a vacuum on your baby. This can cause a longish cone-shaped head which can be alarming.

But not to worry, your baby’s head will soon take on a lovely perfect shape. It just takes a few weeks.

The soft spots on their skull may bulge out and pulsate too.

The soft spots, known as fontanels, allow your baby’s head to grow as your baby grows.

The pulsating you will feel in these areas is a weird sensation and it can make your baby seem so fragile.

But the membrane that covers your baby’s soft spots is tough and soon all those little bones will fuse together to protect his brain completely.


Endless Hiccups


Newborns can get hiccups a lot.

Experts don’t really know why but some believe it’s to expel excess air from the stomach.

Hiccups don’t hurt your baby but they can be annoying for her. Burping her often and offering a pacifier can help.


I hope this list helps you gain perspective on some of the little weird things to expect when your newborn arrives. They are all completely natural and normal.

Good luck to you!!

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Strange things that newborns do #newborncare #newborns #postpartumbaby

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