Pregnancy is an amazing and special time during any mama’s life, but it can also surprise the heck out of you. It can be messy and downright crazy.

You know the basics of what to expect like morning sickness, tiredness, and swelling but there are some other not so talked about side effects to being pregnant and that’s what will dive into today. So let’s get to it. Have You Taken a prenatal birth course yet? Well if not here’s the best online option that you can take and have done in about 3 hours. It’s created by labor nurses and you can take it at your own pace.


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Side Effects Of Pregnancy Know One Talks About


Orgasms While Sleeping 

Let’s start with my favorite one! Many women have orgasms while sleeping during pregnancy. It’s very common and it happened to me all throughout my three pregnancies. FUN Right?! Sweet dreams mama!


You’ll have lots of discharge usually beginning at the 6-week mark. Often so much that you need to wear panty liners. You’ll be leaking a lot, so keep a big stash with you at all times. This 300-pack is cheap and convenient. 

Some Bleeding 

Speaking of Pantyliners, you may need them for bleeding too. Some bleeding in pregnancy can be normal.  I know it’s super scary but most of the time when a woman bleeds,  everything’s ok.

If you have heavy bleeding, however, you should contact your doc immediately.

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Headaches are a side effect of the huge hormonal fluctuations that women have during pregnancy and depending on your history with headaches they can be brutal.

Luckily Tylenol is safe during pregnancy but always talk to your doctor first.

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Not Being Able to poop is another crappy pregnancy symptom that’s no fun. Your doc may prescribe some Miralax or something to help give your body a gentle push in the right direction.

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Hot Flashes

We’ve all heard of hot flashes during menopause, but did you know they’re very common during pregnancy too? I would be freezing one minute and feel like I was on fire the next. It’s pretty intense.

This happens because of the hormonal rollercoaster your body is going through while your babe grows. All you can do is push through it, and open a window, even if there is snow on the ground outside.

Yucky Breath

Having bad breath is part of being pregnant and it’s not fun. You’ll have a metallic taste in your mouth non-stop for 9 months. Sort of tastes like pennies. All you can do is brush often and use mouthwash. Good luck with that.

Dizzy Spells

Dizziness is another annoying side effect of being preggers. Some mornings you may wake up and feel like your world is spinning.

Or if you’ve sat for a while and you stand up it can happen. This is known as orthostatic hypotension and it’s caused by changes in your blood pressure. Just make sure you get up slowly and consider that you may feel dizzy so you don’t fall or faint.

All Day Sickness

Morning Sickness? Ha! Many who suffer from nausea have to deal with it all day long, and sometimes at night too. This was one of my first main pregnancy symptoms. I woke up every night around week five to go to the bathroom and when I would stand up I would feel a bit queasy. I just knew I was pregnant and I was.

Serious Food Aversions

What makes morning { All Day } sickness worse? Not wanting to eat because everything tastes like onions to you.

Food aversion is a pregnancy problem that you don’t hear about too often but it’s a huge issue. You feel constant nausea and you know the only thing that can really help is eating a good meal but everything seems so gross to you. It really sucks.

Varicose Veins You Know Where

Some women get varicose veins in their vagina area during their third trimester. It can be really alarming to wake up one morning to feel strange pressure and itching, only to check yourself and find that your lady parts are purple with giant veins that are 5 times the normal size.

This happened to me during my third pregnancy and it scared the heck out of me! It just happened all of a sudden and it was really uncomfortable. The good news is that this condition almost always corrects itself right after you have the baby.

In some instances, when it doesn’t go away on its own, you may need surgery, but this is extremely rare.

Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose is also a common issue. Your nose can feel completely plugged up, yet you cannot use any really good medication to remedy this because it’s not considered safe.

What you can do is this:

  1. Drink plenty of hydrating fluids.
  2. Elevate your head with extra pillows when you lie down to rest or sleep.
  3. Take a warm shower and linger in the steamy bathroom. …
  4. Try saline nose drops or saline nasal spray, available over the counter at drugstores.

I always ended up sleeping sitting up by the third trimester. It was the only way I could breathe and be comfy. I’d use a bunch of pillows to prop myself up. It wasn’t that easy but it was better than feeling like I was suffocating.

You’ll be Gassy

When You’re preggers your digestion will slow down to a snail’s pace. This happens so that your body can squeeze every ounce of nutrition from the food you’re eating.

In turn, you’ll have a lot of excess gas. Yuck, but it’s just one of those things that comes with the territory.


Snoring is just part of it all. It happens to most pregnant women, at least by the end if not sooner. Many pregnant women start snoring because of nasal congestion, and the increase in abdominal girth causes the uterus to press on the diaphragm. Sitting up or elevated while sleeping can help a little.

Nose Bleeds

Nose Bleeds are common during pregnancy. They happen because you have tiny blood vessels inside your nose and the increased blood volume can sometimes damage those blood vessels and cause them to burst, resulting in a nosebleed. Changes in your hormones during pregnancy can also contribute to nosebleeds. They’re not fun but for some women, it’s just part of the pregnancy life.


Hemorrhoids are no fun. They hurt, itch, and burn and if you’re pregnant then you’ll likely get them too.

As your unborn baby grows, your uterus gets bigger and begins to press against your pelvis. This growth puts a lot of pressure on the veins near your anus and rectum, and these veins may become swollen and painful as a result. This is what causes hemorrhoids.

Luckily you can find some relief with a good cream and a donut cushion {that you can use when you have postpartum pain too} will be a lifesaver.

Leaking When You Sneeze Or Laugh

That’s right. You’re gonna pee yourself. Those muscles have a lot of pressure down there and sometimes they just can’t take it. When you sneeze or laugh hard the sudden movement can squeeze out urine.

All you can do is practice doing Kegels to help control the problem. Yet another reason why to have that panty liner stockpile. 

Your skin may get bumpy and rashy 

Your skin can become very reactive during your special time. From Pimples to yeast infections and mystery bumps, the list goes on. It’s just the way pregnancy treats us. All those hormones really turn your system upside down.

Luckily this too shall pass… once you have your babe.

Big O’l Nipples

Yes, your nipples are going to get bigger. Like SO MUCH bigger. This happens so that your babe can easily see and find the nipple during breastfeeding. It can be alarming but they go back to normal after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Feet Get Bigger

Your feet may get larger while pregnant and it may be permanent. It didn’t happen to me during my first two pregnancies but it did in my last.

A pregnant body produces the hormone relaxin, which causes your pelvic ligaments and joints to loosen, and also relaxes the ligaments in your feet, allowing the bones to separate a bit. This is why they get wider during and after pregnancy. But hey, it’s a good excuse to buy new shoes, right?

Hip Pain

Your hips may ache later in your pregnancy, especially at night. You may also feel stretching in your abdomen when you lay on your side, even early in pregnancy. This is the ligaments stretching and it can be painful and surprising.

Bringing your legs up to your chest for a few moments can relieve the muscle spasm in the ligaments.

More body Hair

You may start to grow some hair on your face during pregnancy. Many women often grow it on their bellies too. It’s pretty strange but it should go away after your babe is born. It’s just another side effect of all those hormones.

Gross Skin Tags

This one is so annoying. Many pregnant women get a lot of new skin tags during this time. Especially around their breasts and armpits. It’s really unpleasant but they also usually go away afterward.

If they don’t you can have them removed at your dermatologist for cheap or even use a wart remover.

Pooping On The Table

Yes, there will be poop and there’s not much you can do about it. I’ve read the articles online about how to NOT poop on the table during labor but I’m here to tell ya that you’re going to poop.

You use the same muscles to push and the pushing is so vigorous that some of what is in your bowels WILL be expelled. Sorry.

But your docs and nurses have seen it all and if you’re worried about your husband, boyfriend or partner seeing you then maybe have them stay up top with you till the baby actually crowns. There still may be poop even at that point but it’s much less likely so there’s less of a chance of them seeing.

But you know, I’m going to guess that they already know that you poop just like them so it’s all good.

You May Get Anal Fissures

And.. Last but not least you have Anal Fissures! Many women get constipated during pregnancy and they get hard stools. This will cause anal fissures which are terrible little tears around your anus.

They will bleed and it can be quite painful. You can reduce the issue by keeping hydrated and taking a stool softener. You can reduce the pain locally when having a bowel movement by putting some vaseline around your anus to soften and lubricate.

So there’s your list of not so talked about pregnancy side effects. Many are uncomfortable, and some are gross but hey mama, you’ll have a sweet bundle of joy by the end, so it’s totally worth it. Enjoy!

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