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So You Survived the First Trimester of Pregnancy! Give Yourself a big pat on the back because the hardest part is over and you made it.

Things are typically a lot easier from here on out until right up to the end.

{ Just to clarify, The second trimester starts in week 14 of pregnancy and lasts until the end of week 27 }


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Because of this, The second trimester of pregnancy is often called the honeymoon period because many of the negative symptoms reside and emotions become stabilized. Still, there are many changes happening within your body, and you can expect to notice quite a few of them, even if you feel overall better and more energetic.

Here are some of the Major changes that you may notice happening during the second trimester.

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What To Expect During The Second Trimester 


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Increased Weight Gain


Weight gain will increase rapidly, and you’ll probably be gaining about a half pound to a full pound every week, maybe more. It’s helpful that morning sickness usually goes away after the first trimester, so you’ll have a better appetite and be able to add the extra 300 to 500 recommended calories a day.

It can be easy to fall into a trap of overeating, so use a calorie counter if you find that you are eating too much. You’ll certainly be hungry, but you want to be smart with your food habits.





Congestion is one of the most annoying pregnancy issues and it will last, for most women, until the end of pregnancy. This happens because there’s increased blood flow to your mucous membranes including your nose. It may even cause you to snore!

You can take over the counter decongestants that are safe during pregnancy on the really bad days to get some relief.


Second Trimester of pregnancy

Leg Cramps


Leg cramps can be painful and they certainly can increase during pregnancy during the second and third trimester. This happens because of hormonal fluctuations and mineral imbalances. If you get a really painful leg cramp flex your foot immediately to deactivate the spasm before it gets bad. This works well to relieve most of the pain.


A backache


With the extra weight you’re gaining in the second trimester, you’ll experience more and more pressure on your back.

Wearing comfortable shoes with adequate arch support is important during this time, as is practicing good posture. You should have a chair that promotes sitting straight up and provides plenty of back support. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs can also help relieve aches and pains.

If you feel that the pain is too uncomfortable, Maybe consider getting a pregnancy massage. That’s a lovely way to pamper yourself during your special time!


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Achiness In Your Growing Abdomen 


You may experience some aching and pulling sensations as the ligaments in your abdomen begin to stretch. Sometimes it will feel as if you are getting a muscle spasm in your sides and it can be fairly painful. Lying flat on your back for a few moments can relieve some of the pain.


Loose Teeth


This is a side effect of pregnancy that’s often not discussed. The same hormones that cause your ligaments to stretch and your body to loosen up can cause your teeth to get a little Jiggly. It’s not uncommon and they will tighten back up after the baby comes.




Dizziness is very common during this time, especially if you stand up too quickly. Just be sure to get plenty of water and hold on to something when you stand up.


Growing A cup Size


Your Breasts will rapidly change at this point, especially towards the end of this trimester so you may need new bras. They do get much less sensitive during the second trimester though.


Hair Growth


The hormones you are experiencing now can often promote hair growth, and it may even be found in places you never noticed before. Thicker hair on your head can be a good thing, but you might also notice hair on your face, arms, and back. Shaving and tweezing can help, even though they may not be exactly pleasant.




Quickening is the feel of flutters in your abdomen, which is generally from the movement of the baby. This will probably not be all-out kicks, but you’re likely to notice some sort of movement. Some women, however, don’t experience quickening until the sixth month of their pregnancy.


Pregnancy “Glow”


While some women get this glow early on in their pregnancy, it is common for it to happen in the second trimester due to hormones that make the facial skin appear flushed.

This also makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so make sure to use sunblock on days when you are going to be outside for long periods of times. Cheers to looking Pregnant and Pretty!

Some of the Symptoms in the second trimester are no picnic but they are exciting all the same and it’s fascinating to watch your body grow and change.

Enjoy this easy stage of pregnancy!

Are you having any unusual symptoms during this trimester? Share in the comments!

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What to expect during the second trimester #secondtrimester #secondtrimestertodolist #pregnancy #pregnancytodolist #pregnant #childbirth #pregnanttodolist


What to expect during the second trimester #secondtrimester #secondtrimestertodolist #pregnancy #pregnancytodolist #pregnant #childbirth #pregnanttodolist


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