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Being pregnant is an exciting time but it’s hard to enjoy it when you are about to vomit constantly. And the problem with Morning sickness for many women is that it’s often all-day sickness.

Aversions are usually a part of the picture as well, meaning you have no appetite for foods you once loved.  When the only thing that will really prevent you from vomiting is eating, yet everything grosses you out you’ve got problems.

But there are some really good ways to deal with morning sickness and that’s what we’re gonna talk about now.


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8 Ways To Slay Your Morning Sickness So You Can Enjoy Your Pregnancy

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8 ways to prevent morning sickness


Vitamin B6


Studies have suggested many times that taking vitamin B6 for morning sickness greatly improves nausea for many pregnant women. There has been no sign of harm to the fetus with vitamin B6 use.

So get a good Quality B6 Vitamin and take one daily. These right here melt in your mouth and work very quickly.


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Sea Bands


 These Sea-Bands have been specially created to help soothe and calm your tummy during your pregnancy so that you can start enjoying your special time again. They use acupressure points to relieve nausea. They do seem to work well. I used them during all three of my pregnancies. You can find them here. 



Ginger Tea


Ginger tea homemade or bought is one of the single most effective remedies for Morning Sickness. Ginger relaxes your stomach muscles and calms the whole system.

You can get some really awesome Ginger tea right here on Amazon. 




Eat As Soon As You Get Up


Eating as soon as you get up will help regulate your blood sugar and fill your tummy so that nausea can subside quickly.  Eating protein and fat during the day are the best choices and they will really help settle your stomach.

Eating frequent small meals throughout the day will also work wonders for you.


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Lemon Water


Fresh lemon juice with a bit of salt is an effective remedy for morning sickness.  You can also use ginger to the lemon water to knock that nausea right out.

Science says just the scent of citrus fruits helps with nausea somehow too so don’t forget to cut the lemon yourself and take in that fresh layered scent.


Try Different Prenatal Vitamins


Take it from me ( I’ve had three babes ) some prenatal vitamins will make morning sickness so much worse than others. For some, they are even the sole source of the trouble to begin with, and changing vitamins remedies the problem completely.

Some vitamins are just way too heavy on ingredients and iron and will cause the worst nausea ever. You can buy a prenatal that is specially formulated not to make you sick. These Pink Stork Liquid prenatal are an excellent choice.


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Suck On Preggie Pops


Preggie pops are an awesome way to knock out your morning sickness too. You can carry them around and grab one as needed. They are infused with ginger so they relax the GI tract as I mentioned earlier. Pink Stork makes a great one. 



Morning Sickness remedies That Work #morningsickness #morningsicknessremedies #pregnancy #childbirth #firsttrimester



Ask Your doc about it


If you try all the remedies above and nothing is really working it’s time to talk to your doc. There are several very safe meds you can take for morning sickness that the doc can prescribe to you if necessary.

Don’t feel bad about this. If you need medication,  you need it. Ideally, no one wants to take medicine while pregnant but sometimes it’s the only choice.


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Morning Sickness remedies That Work #morningsickness #morningsicknessremedies #pregnancy #childbirth #firsttrimester



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