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Babies communicate through crying. It’s there only way to talk to you and tell you what’s up. 

They cry to tell you when they’re hungry, wet or uncomfortable, or in pain. 

They also cry to express certain moods and emotions or fears.

Once you get to know your baby you’ll notice that he has a certain style of crying and that each cry means something different. 

You essentially learn his language.  Interpreting baby cries will become your art. 

Until you learn what all those baby sounds mean, however, I’m here to give you a little insight.

Babies cry for specific reasons and they do seem to have sort of a universal style that is similar so this will get you started on understanding what your baby is trying to tell you. 

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Interpreting baby cries | What Your Baby Is Trying To Tell You 

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different cries a baby makes and what they mean #babycries #babylanguge #babycommunication


I’m Hungry


When your sweet baby is hungry she will cry in a very specific way. 

She will make rhythmic high pitched sounds and she will suck on her fingers or root for the breast. 

Or there may be other signs like making a sucking sound with her tongue or lip-smacking along with the crying. 

This is usually the easiest cry to decipher. 


different cries a baby makes and what they mean #babycries #babylanguge #babycommunication



I’m Tired 


When he is tired he will seem slightly limp and will shut his eyes when crying. 

The crying may be breathy or nasaly whining and it will build up to a higher pitch with more intensity if he doesn’t get rest soon. 

It may also be accompanied by eye rubbing and yawning. 

You’ll know when he’s tired but these are just clues to confirm that you’re right. 

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different cries a baby makes and what they mean #babycries #babylanguge #babycommunication



I’m In Pain


When your baby finds herself in pain she will open her mouth wide and whale out loud with shrieking and piercing fierceness. 

You will immediately know the difference in the other cries and this one. 

If she is having gas or colic pains she will arch her back as well and pull her legs up and down because of the discomfort. She may also grunt some. 

When your baby is in pain pick her up and nurse her or give her a pacifier. Just provide comfort to help make your little one feel better. 

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I’m Feeling Overstimulated 


Your baby will always let you know when he’s had enough. 

He will have a fussy whiny cry and he will turn his head away from overstimulating sights or sounds. 

When this happens your baby needs quiet time and rest. 



I’m Bored


When your little one is bored she will fuss and whine and try to create some kind of interaction. 

Your baby can usually be coxed to laugh when bored between the whining. 

Give your baby something colorful to play with as a distraction when you think she’s bored or play with her!



I’m Sick


If your baby is sick he may have a low energy, weak kind of whining and he will show signs of general discomfort. 

He may also close his eyes often and show other indications of illness. 

He could have a runny nose, fever or some stomach upset that shows up in his diapers. 

If you think your little guy is sick try to relieve his discomfort in any way you can and if you’re concerned, go ahead and call your doc and let them know what’s going on. 


different cries a baby makes and what they mean #babycries #babylanguge #babycommunication



I have Colic


A baby with colic will have that cry that indicates pain only it doesn’t stop. 

It often goes on for extended periods of time and usually occurs in the afternoon and evening.  It can be very difficult for both of you. 

It’s hard to see your baby girl is so much pain and even harder to relieve it for her. 

Here’s a good article on what you can do to help your baby if you suspect that she has colic. 


Babies use crying to express themselves to you.

If you listen closely you’ll know just what he/she is trying to say to you. I hope this article helps you understand your little one better. 

Good Luck to you and your babe! 

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different cries a baby makes and what they mean #babycries #babylanguge #babycommunication


different cries a baby makes and what they mean #babycries #babylanguge #babycommunication






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