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This post is a quick reference guide for everything you need postpartum. It’s a quick and easy list. If you want more details on what Postpartum is really like and what you can do to minimize the pain you’ll experience then have a look at this post right here. 

Here’s the list of things you’ll need and they’re all found on Amazon:

Just Click the items below on the list and it will take you to them.

✅Incontinence Underwear

✅Pain Relieving Spray 

✅Tuck’s Pads

✅Perineal Ice Pack

✅A Cleansing Bottle Or Peri Bottle 


✅Healing Ointment

✅Nipple Balm

✅Gel Nursing Pads

✅ Donut Pillow 

That’s it. Those are the main things you’ll need and they will help Tremendously, believe me.


Here’s a quick List For a Breastfeeding Kit as well:

Courses you May Want To Take:


The Easy $19 Breastfeeding Course That will have you nursing like a pro on the first day. Check it out here.  

breastfeeding video

Pumping Course For Moms who are going back to work while breastfeeding. This is also a $19 Video Course Created by the same nurse. See it Here. 

And If you’re still pregnant but You haven’t taken a birthing class yet, there’s a great online course by Hilary Over at Pulling Curls. She’s a nurse and this is the best birthing class online today and at a great price point and part of the course is totally free. Have a look here. 

You can also get a free birth plan right here.


Posts that may be helpful:

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