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Are you ready to get your flat tummy back post-baby?! Read on and I’ll show you how! Or are you ready to get right to It? Then check this out because it’s the answer!

Having a baby is such a joyful experience but one of the downsides is not knowing how our bodies will turn out afterward. Many women really worry about this and they believe they’ll never have a flat tummy again.

How To get a Flat Stomach after baby #postpartumbelly #postpartumfitness #Diastasisrecti

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Most are told that their  “mommy tummy ” is just a permanent side effect that we all have to live with.

But that’s not true at all. There’s a reason why your stomach continues to look poochie even if you’re lean and you’ve lost all the baby weight. It’s diastasis recti, a condition that causes the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen to separate during pregnancy, leaving a gap that allows your belly to pooch out.

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This can happen with your first baby but It’s really common for women with several Little Munchkins.

How to fix mommy tummy #mommytummy #postpartum #flattummyafterbaby

As your belly grows while you’re pregnant, the connective tissue stretches to accommodate your baby. Sometimes it heals on its own but very often it doesn’t and requires special exercises.

If you don’t address the issue and the problem doesn’t heal on its own then you may require treatment after six months if you want your tummy to be flat again. It’s serious business.

It’s important to consider this and have a plan of action if you want to get back in tip-top shape. Yes, you CAN look like the picture below again!

Healing and Fitness Postpartum

I was researching this and looking for a great program for myself and my readers and I gotta tell you there’s not much out there for this.

I did, however, find one AMAZING program by Katie over at Joyful Messes who is a Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist. She also studied nutrition and physical therapy in college and went on to become a Pilates Instructor.

The program is The Postpartum Cure and it’s the very best of it’s kind online { and it’s not at all expensive either}. It takes you through the healing process, Nutrition, Losing the baby weight, healing diastasis recti, and the Pelvic Floor. It’s the whole package. Check it out here. 

Postpartum Cure

She teaches you to properly NOURISH your body, so you can heal quickly, produce a healthy milk supply and lose the baby weight.

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The course Comes with meal plans, Breastfeeding tips, and the exact exercises { in videos } you need to heal your pelvic floor and diastasis recti.

It also has two apps and a Facebook group so that you can meet and work with other postpartum mamas. You can conveniently take the course on your desktop or phone.

The postpartum cure

Here’s what you can expect from this expert course:

Class Curriculum


NEW! 5-Day Jump Start: Gentle Steps To Help You Jump In
  •  How The 5-Day Jump Start Workout
  •  Day 1: Baby Steps
  •  Day 2: A Tiny Bit More
  •  Day 3: Change it Up
  •  Day-4: Get Your Mind Right
  • Day-5: HELLO BABY!
    How To Start!
Healing Nutrition for Recovery + Breastfeeding
  •  Introduction + Facebook Group Link
  •  Eating Guidelines: What to Eat!
  •  20 Most Healing Postpartum Recovery Foods
  •  Complete Guide To Milk Supply Boosters + Supplements


  •  Diagnosing Your Ab Issues
  •  My Belly and Umbilical Hernia (6:21)
  •  WEEK 1: Action Plan
  •  VIDEO: Posture For Core and Pelvic Floor DO NOT SKIP THIS! (10:49)
  •  Finding Your Pelvic Floor
  •  VIDEO: The Correct Way To Do Kegels + Pelvic Floor Exercises (3:30)
  •  VIDEO: WEEK 1 Workout Video (12:57)
  •  WEEK 2: Action Plan
  •  VIDEO: Postpartum Pilates Basics (5:40)
  •  VIDEO: WEEK 2 Workout Routine Video (10:31)
  •  VIDEO: Beginner Pilates Routine For Core and Pelvic Floor (4:01)
  •  VIDEO: Correctly Holding a Baby To Protect Your Core (5:37)
  •  WEEK 3: Action Plan
  •  VIDEO: Week 3 Workout Routine (17:28)
Losing The Baby Weight: Meal Plan and Recipes
  •  How To Lose The Weight With Nutrition
  •  Using Protein for Postpartum Weight Loss
  •  VIDEO: How To Calculate Calories While Breastfeeding (6:38)
  •  RECIPES: 20 Healing Smoothies, 20 Salads, and 20 Dinner Recipes
  •  NEW BONUS! 24 Snack Ideas Printable
  •  20-Day Meal Plan
  •  Grocery Lists For 20-Day Meal Plan
Going Back To Work After Baby
  •  6 On The-go Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes
  •  NEW! 4 Healthy Crock Pot Recipes For Fast Cookin
Workouts To Lose The Baby Weight After 6 Weeks Postpartum Checkup
  •  Losing The Baby Weight + Getting Fit
  •  Workout 1
  •  Workout 2
  •  Workout 3
  •  Workout 4
  •  Workout 5
  •  Workout 6
  •  Workout 7
  •  Workout 8 All BOOTY 
    How To Continue Fitness As A Mom

This program covers everything and I highly recommend it if you want to be as strong as you were before. Once you buy the course, you have access to it as long as you want so you can take your time and do it right. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can access the course right here.

Here’s another view of the course:

the postpartum cure course

I hope this has helped educate you on how to get back into shape after you have your babe. You don’t have to live with mommy tummy. It can be completely fixed with the right guidance.

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How To get a Flat Stomach after baby #postpartumbelly #postpartumfitness #Diastasisrecti

How To get a Flat Stomach after baby #postpartumbelly #postpartumfitness #Diastasisrecti

How To get a Flat Stomach after baby #postpartumbelly #postpartumfitness #Diastasisrecti

How To get a Flat Stomach after baby #postpartumbelly #postpartumfitness #Diastasisrecti

How To get a Flat Stomach after baby #postpartumbelly #postpartumfitness #Diastasisrecti


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