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You’ve gotten through most of your labor and things have really kicked up a notch. The intensity is peaking and you may want an epidural at this time. If you are wanting to give birth naturally then these will be your weakest moments.

But I know you can do it, as millions of women before you have. You want to truly experience what your body was meant to do without intervention, but to get through this difficult time you must know how to cope with the transition stage.

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What Is Labor Transition?


Labor Transition is the late phase when your cervix will dilate from 7 centimeters to 10 centimeters and you’ll be fully effaced. Your contractions will be a few minutes apart and last as long as a minute and a half.

The intensity of your transactions are very strong at this stage and the experience is pretty unbearable. But your body was built for this and you can get through it.

You may feel self-doubt and feelings of being out of control. You may also shake or vibrate as your body prepares to begin pushing.


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How Long Does Labor Transition Last?


Transition can last anywhere from about a half hour to four hours long. Hopefully, for you, it will be short.

Now let’s go over some tips to help you get through this most difficult stage so you can have your baby and be proud of what you’ve accomplished! You can do it!

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How To Get Through Labor Transition Without Crying 

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How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement





The first thing you want to do obviously is to breathe very deeply in an organized way. There are several techniques that you can try and you can learn them in a birthing course.

If you haven’t taken a course yet you can take one online. Here’s one you can sign up for and the first part of it is free so that should get you started.


Get In The Tub 


Getting in the water will be a tremendous comfort for you during transition. It will help ease your pain and relax your body so that you can open up completely to allow baby to move through you.

If you want to have a natural birth and this sounds good to you make sure you ask for a room with a tube so you’ll have one at your disposal. Or better yet, put it in your birthing plan.

Don’t have a birthing plan yet? Get a free printout right here and create yours so that you and the staff are on the same page.


How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement


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Moan If You Need To 


This post is called How to get through labor transition without crying. But that doesn’t mean you cannot moan ( or go ahead and cry a little if ya really want to ).

Moaning during labor helps ease the pain so just let go. Don’t be ashamed to make noise if you need to, the staff has heard it plenty before. Just make the noise your body wants to make, follow your instincts.

Here’s a good post over at Giving Birth with Confidence that talks more about making sounds during your labor process. You should read it!


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Change Positions 


Changing positions will help you manage your pain as well. You can sit on the edge of the bed, sit on a ball, squat, get in the tub or down on all fours. These positions will help gravity do its work and speed up labor transition.

The movement will ease the pain during those crucial moments when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. It’s a bit of a distraction.


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 Try To Stay Grounded

Realizing or being reminded that you are in transition will help you cope. You will be able to focus on the fact that it’s almost over and your baby will soon be here.

It creates a feeling of acceptance and comfort despite the pain.  Focusing on the present moment or the baby will help you cope with what you’re experiencing.


Swaying And Rocking 


Swaying and Rocking will help your body continue to gradually open up more so that baby can come. It’s comforting as well and it gives you something to do during your most painful moments. It really is very helpful!




This is a great time for your partner to lay on the encouragement. They can help remind you of your goals and how you wanted things to go. They can help you stay strong if you definitely don’t want an epidural too.

Just reminding you that you can absolutely do this without intervention will help you stay stronger.


Stay Hydrated 


Keeping up your hydration will help you maintain your strength. It will make you feel less tired too and you certainly will need the fluids.

So stay on top of the water intake to make things go as smoothly as possible.


How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement


What Your Partner Can Do To Help 


Your partner may feel very overwhelmed and transition is so intense that it may scare them a bit. You need to talk to them beforehand and let them know that you need them to stay focused on you instead of their own fears.


How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement



They can do a number of things to help ease you through to make sure they know how they can help.

They need to stay proactive by doing some of the things listed below:


Cold Compresses

Massage Techniques

Emotional Encouragement

Cue Phrases

Remind you that you’re almost done

Keep you Focused on the Present

Keep your Environment Calm and Quiet

Whisper Affirmations

This will also make them feel part of the process and it will make them proud.


Labor Transition is pretty tough work but women have done it for hundreds of years naturally and so can you ( if you choose to ).  I hope the list above can help you in your most difficult moments.

I wish you all the luck in the world 😉


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How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement


How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement


How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement


How to get through labor transition #transition #labor #childbirth #labortransition #childbirthtransition #childbirthpainmanagement

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