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So You’ve Made it to the third trimester and You’re on the Final Homestretch, Yay! Baby is soo close now. But there is so much to do to get you ready and it can feel really overwhelming.

So I’ve created this Ultimate, handy list of things that you need to do so you’ll be completely ready.

Here we go:


The Ultimate To-Do List For The Third Trimester


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Baby Proof The House


This is a very important step when preparing for your new arrival. Your baby may not be up and moving around for months but it’s best to get it out of the way before she arrives. This and These are great options to help you safe-proof your home.

Do You Want Free Baby Stuff? Check out this post right here to get over $300 worth of awesome stuff and it’s NOT a bunch of samples. It’s real stuff on your list that you need.



Keep Track Of Baby’s Movements


Pay close attention to his movements and call your doc if you notice a sudden decrease in kicks or turns. They will have you come in and checked right away.

Some even keep a kick log for fetal kick counts and that’s not a bad idea at all. You could also get one of these monitors that helps amplify the sound of your baby and his kicks, I had one and Loved it. It really provides peace of mind and it’s FDA approved.

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These companies will give you $300 worth of free baby stuff, and they’re not samples. 

Get A Free 55-page Pregnancy journal, Free Download

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Take A Birthing Class



If you haven’t taken a birthing class already then the time is definitely right now. If you don’t love the idea of going to a class somewhere I get it, and maybe you’re just too tired for that.

I was and I took an online course. There are some great options to choose from and my Friend, Hilary, from Pulling Curls has the best one online. You Can Check it out for free right here. She also has a free birthing plan printable you can get right here. 

Prepare For Breastfeeding 


Breastfeeding is the most satisfying experience. The Bond is out of this world and I highly recommend it if you are able.

But it’s not as easy as just sticking your babe on the boob. Oh no, there’s way more to it than that and you need to be well prepared. I have a great post on breastfeeding right here and it has some diagrams and a really good video at the end so be sure to watch it.

Here’s a post with some great Lactation recipes too, to increase your milk.

baby subscription box

Choose your Baby’s Doctor 


You may have done this already but if not pick one and give them a call. Make sure they accept your insurance and see if they do rounds at the hospital you’ll be giving birth at.

The baby’s doctor will then be assigned to come check on her after birth.

Have Your Baby Shower!


Baby is almost here and now you get to party! Having your baby shower is a good way to get some of the things you need for him and it’s a fun way to celebrate his upcoming birth.

Assemble Your Baby Gear 


Now’s the time to finish getting your nursery set up. You’ll need a Crib, Swing, Bassinet, Stroller, and baby monitors. This is a whole lot to take care of so you can have your partner do all the hard work while you kick back and take a nap.

You’ll also likely need a co-sleeper for the first few months. Co-sleepers keep baby in arms reach at night and give you great peace of mind. Here’s a great post over at Think Baby by Zoe Withers that talks about the different types of Co-sleepers and which are safest.

Prepare For Your Postpartum Time 


Lot’s Of women think a lot about pregnancy and birth but don’t put too much thought into their postpartum time. They often find themselves unprepared for this period.

Preparing is key and knowing what to expect. I have a great post right here that explains what will happen and ways you can minimize the pain and believe me, you’ll want to minimize it so have a look. I wrote it just for you 🙂

Make Some Big Decisions


You’re really close now so it’s time to think about things like Circumcision { If Your Bundle’s a boy } and whether or not you want to save Cord Blood. Here’s an awesome article on Cord Blood if you want more information.

If you aren’t going to save your baby’s cord blood you can ask them to delay clamping off the cord for a few minutes so they can receive all the stem cells and nourishment from the cord.

Discuss this with your doctor and make sure you add it to your birthing plan. 

You can also consider whether or not you’ll be using an epidural during the labor process or going the natural route. If you go the natural route, good for you! You’re one brave mama. I had to have an epidural every time.

Read up on Baby Care


The Third Trimester is a good time to read a couple of great baby books so you’re fully prepared. This one right here is really good. It is very comprehensive and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Self Care For You 


Let’s not forget about you. During the third trimester, you’ll need plenty of sleep and nourishing food.

You should pamper yourself a bit too. Go ahead and get your hair cut because you may not have time later on. Maybe get a pedicure so you can look at those pretty toes while sitting there in the hospital. That way you won’t feel like such a hot mess.

I have a great article that you should look at too about the Psychology of being a new mother.


Learn What To Expect During Labor


Knowing what to expect during labor will help take the fear out of it. Research it a bit so you know the stages and signs.


Tour The Hospital


Taking a tour of the hospital will help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings and you’ll know what to expect. Plus it’s just fun.


Install The Car Seat 


This is a no-brainer. You have to have a seat.

Make sure the car seat is installed properly. It’s really important that it’s tight and you wouldn’t even be able to leave the hospital without one.

You want a really good quality car seat too. This is one area you don’t want to go budget on. This one is a really good choice.


Pack Your Hospital Bag 


This is the time to pack your hospital bag obviously. Go right ahead and do it at the beginning of the third trimester. You probably won’t need it that early but on occasion, a baby comes much earlier than expected and when this happens, getting to the hospital as quickly as possible { so they can hopefully stop the labor } Is essential to your baby’s health!

You don’t want to stand around and wonder what you should be putting in a bag so do it early on for peace of mind.

Here’s a post on Packing your hospital bag that I created not too long ago.


Want a free labor bag checklist? Get one Below!



Clean Your House 


No one wants to have a baby and come home to a complete disaster. Sometimes if your labor surprises you,  it can’t be helped. But if you can clean up before you go that will be super helpful.

You’ll feel so much happier when you get home knowing you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll have a lot on your mind and you’ll be tired and pretty overwhelmed, There’s no doubt. So keep this in mind and make it as easy for yourself as possible.

Here’s a great post on cleaning with a strategy that seriously gets things done. Cleaning up seems like a simple task but when you break it up into parts like I describe in the post, you’ll get huge amounts of clutter removed in record time.

That’s pretty much it. If you do all the things I listed above you’ll feel prepared and ready to have that baby. I wish you all the luck in the world and I’m so very excited for you! I still remember my three births and they are the best moments of my life and I know they will be the same for you.

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The ultimate third trimester to do list #pregnancy #thirdtrimester #secondtrimester #pregnant #childbirth #pregnancytodolist #thirdtrimestertodolist



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