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Labor is so exciting! You’ve finally made it and you’re about to meet your baby!

I remember it well ( I’ve had three ) and there’s nothing like that feeling. I miss it so much.

But it is also pretty terrifying and even when you feel prepared it can seem very overwhelming.

So below I have created a list of things for you to do and keep in mind right after your labor starts. There’s also a list of resource posts about labor somewhere down there too. I suggest you read all of them.

This will help you feel like you have it all under control ( and you do mama, you do..)

Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Labor just started: What You Need To Do Now

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What to do when Labor starts #labortips #childbirthtips


Stay Calm:


I know it’s easier said than done but it’s important that you stay calm and don’t panic. Labor isn’t going to stop no matter what you do so it’s important to stay focused and conserve your energy.

Before you go into labor practice deep breathing exercises that will help you when the big day comes.

It’s the first thing you can do to center yourself when you realize what’s happening.


If you’re really worried about labor, take a look at the post ” How to take the fear out of Childbirth “. It will really help you get perspective on labor and what it’s like.

Monitor Your Contractions:


During labor your contractions will come regularly and get closer together, they will also get stronger and more intense.

It’s important to monitor it so that you know it’s real labor. If the contractions are irregular it could be Braxton Hicks. Learn more about that here. 

Monitoring your contractions can help you, and your doctor, determine if it’s time for you to head to the hospital.


What to do when Labor starts #labortips #childbirthtips


You’ll want to know how far apart they are and how long they last.

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Every woman is different and there is no way to predict how long labor will last or how quickly the baby will come.

It’s important to listen to your body during this time.


Call Your Partner:


You may want to hold off calling everyone you know but call your spouse or birth partner right away.




Call them early on so they can be there in case labor escalates quickly.

Remember, not only will you need their support during this time, they’ll want to be there.

This is going to be a memorable moment for your relationship.

Other important Labor Resources you should definitely read:


Call Your Midwife:


If you’re having a home birth call and let your midwife know that you believe labor has started and what you’re to do next.

Having a Midwife has many advantages. Learn about them here. 


What to do when Labor starts #labortips #childbirthtips


Call The Sitter:


If you have other children at home, call the sitter.

If you have pets you’ll want to make sure they are taken care of.

If you’re delivering at the hospital, you might want to consider a house sitter.

This is the time to make sure all the ‘stuff’ is being handled so that you can relax and focus on labor and delivery.


Make Sure Your Hospital Bag Is Ready:


Technically you should already have it ready but just double check you have everything.

Your partner will also need a bag and you’ll need your baby’s things.

Here’s a great list for your hospital bag that you can use. 


What to do when Labor starts #labortips #childbirthtips


Call The Doctor:


When contractions become regular, contact your doctor and let them know you are in labor.

Your Doc will want to know how far apart and how long your contractions are.

Once they decide how close you are they’ll let you know when the best time to head to the hospital is.

However, if you are leaking amniotic fluid, have vaginal bleeding or decreased fetal movement it’s important to head to the hospital right away and contact the doctor’s office in route.

If at any time you are uncertain or sense something is wrong, call your doctor.


Get Ready To Go:


Check to make sure you have everything you need. Your bag should be packed but you’ll also want to make sure you have car keys, money for parking, your phone charger, and your doctor and insurance information.


Remember That You Are In Control:


Take a few minutes on the way to the hospital to enjoy the silence, collect your thoughts and get into a good headspace.

Once you arrive at the hospital things can get noisy and sometimes happen very quickly.

It can be overwhelming especially if it’s your first time giving birth.


What to do when Labor starts #labortips #childbirthtips


Make sure that your doctor knows your expectations ahead of time.  This can be done by providing a birthing plan. You can find a free one right here.

The doctor and nurse are there to help you but you are the one in control. Communicate your needs clearly with your nurse but always be kind and respectful.

It’s important to develop a good rapport with the hospital staff. Respect ensures that your voice gets heard when it matters the most.

I hope this helps you feel more prepared for your labor and I wish you all the best!

Make sure you read the labor resources I listed above. They will make you a labor expert and you’ll definitely be ready for what’s to come!

One more thing… Don’t get caught unprepared for Postpartum. A lot of women forget to prep for this part of their journey and it causes unnecessary pain and struggles during a time when they should be enjoying their new baby. I know because It happened to me.

For some reason, postpartum preparation is left out of most education and conversation.

Check out the two posts below so you’ll be completely ready for what’s to come!

Postpartum Vaginal Care, You Seriously Need To Know This..

How To Survive Postpartum Pain Without Crying

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What to do when Labor starts #labortips #childbirthtips


What to do when Labor starts #labortips #childbirthtips

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