The Third trimester has crept up on you and here you are, about to have your baby. It’s a very exciting and busy time and the things you have to do to prepare seem endless.

So I have created a monster list just for my readers of all the things that need to be done, ( that you can download as a pdf with the purple button ) to get you fully prepared for baby while you’re in nesting mode.

I’m proud of this list because I read tons of posts from others on this subject and most fall short. I don’t leave anything out here so this is a great resource to help get you ready.

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3rd Trimester List | 26 Critical Things To do In 3rd Trimester

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Write Your Birth Plan 


Writing your birth plan is an important step in getting you ready for childbirth. It will make you feel very prepared and it will help others around you know what you expect. Often times birth plans don’t get followed too closely because things happen and change.

But it still helps everyone stay on the same page with your priorities. You can download a birthing plan that you can fill out for free right here. 

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Put Together A Hospital Bag


It’s a good idea to go ahead and put together your hospital bag pretty early during the third trimester. It just seems like a wise thing to do.

It’s not likely that your baby will come early but in the off chance that she does, you’ll want to be fully prepared in every way.

Here’s a list I have created that is really thorough. It has everything for mama, baby, and breastfeeding too. You can download a checklist for your bag as well.


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Get Car Seat Installed In Car


Getting a good car seat installed is important too. You cannot leave the hospital after your baby is born without one. So get a good one now and go ahead and have your partner install it very tightly.

Here’s a good one from Safety 1st. It’s the one we used and I highly recommend it.


Figure Out All Baby Gear


This is an important step in getting ready for the baby. You need to figure out how all your baby equipment works. Some of it can be surprisingly tricky.

For example, be sure to know how to pop open that stroller and know where all the settings are on it.

Equally important is knowing how to break it back down to put in your car. I always had trouble with this and so do other moms so give it some practice runs.




Take A Childbirth Course


If you haven’t already you should take a childbirth course. These are so helpful in preparing you and helping you understand exactly what to expect.

You can take one online in just a few hours if you don’t want to go somewhere else to do it. I know that’s tiresome when you’re pregnant and already busy. Who wants to go to a class when you have a thousand other things to do?

Here’s a really good online course that was created by a labor and delivery nurse named Hilary. You can take the first part of it absolutely free so that will get you started. Sign up right here. 

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Learn Ways To Cope With Labor Pain 


This goes back to taking that course. It will teach you how to deal with the pain of labor. But if you just want to learn coping mechanisms I have added a video below that will at least help some. Check it out.




Download A Contractions Timer App


Downloading a contractions timer app will be really helpful when you think your labor is about to start. Often times you’ll have a lot of Braxton Hicks at the end of pregnancy and sometimes it will feel like real labor.

You will be able to tell the difference by timing the contractions. This will help you know if it’s real or false labor.

Once real labor starts it will also help you decipher when it’s time to go to the hospital. Here’s a popular one called Full Term Contractions App.


third trimester to do list #thirdtrimester #thirdtrimestertodolist #childbirth # childbirthlist #pregnancy



Tour The Hospital


Visiting the place where you’re planning to give birth before you deliver can help relieve some pre-birth anxiety and make your birthing experience more fun. It will allow you to have a sneak peek at what will happen on your big day and you may even get to meet some of the staff.

Seeing who you may be working with and seeing a familiar face when you go into labor can be comforting.

Overall it will help you feel much more prepared and you’ll feel like you know where you’re going. Call your local hospital to set up your tour and get it scheduled.


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Learn About Delayed Cord Clamping 


Have you heard of Delayed Cord Clamping? It’s when they wait to cut the cord for a few minutes and the benefits are incredible. You can learn all about delayed cord clamping right here. It’s easy and totally free and it will do your baby a world of good.


Benefits Of Delayed Cord Clamping For your baby #delayedcordclamping #childbirth #pregnancy #thirdtrimester #baby'shealth


And Consider Blood Banking


The blood in your baby’s Umbilical cord is an amazing source of Stem cells that can be used in the future if she becomes ill. It could also be used by another child in your family if needed.

If you decide to bank your baby’s cord blood make sure you use a bank accredited by the American Association Of Blood Banks. You can learn all about Blood Banking right here. 


Learn About C-Sections Just In Case


No one plans for a C-section ( unless there’s a medical reason for it ) but sometimes it just happens. It’s good to be prepared and aware of how things would go in this situation. It takes the scare out of it.

Here’s a great post on Surviving C-section and here’s another about postpartum recovery.



Plan for Postpartum Correctly


Most women don’t plan for postpartum.  I guess it’s because they’re so focused on baby afterward and no one really teaches you about what will happen to your own body and how you’ll feel in the aftermath.

But this is a huge mistake. You need to be educated on how you’ll feel after birth and how to deal with the pain and issues that come up. Honestly, it should be part of pregnancy education but unfortunately, it’s not.

The hospital staff can and will help some but a lot of it is on you and how prepared you are.

I have written several popular posts on this subject that many women have found very helpful. You can read ” What Nobody Tells You About Postpartum Recovery ” 

and your “ Postpartum Survival Kit ” to better prepare yourself for this turbulent time.


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Stock Your Freezer With Make Ahead Meals


Planning ahead and cooking a bunch of meals for the weeks ahead is a brilliant idea. You won’t have time to be in the kitchen nor will you feel like it. This just makes things so much easier. Here are 40+ Freezer meals you can make ahead of time. I hope it helps!


Choose A Pediatrician


Choosing a pediatrician is very important because they will need to see your new babe in the hospital before you can go home. They have to do the initial exam to get care started.

Make sure you read reviews on your local pediatricians because all are not created equal. Let me tell you when I had my first child we went through a couple of really bad ones until we met the right one. Our mistake for not checking better. So choose yours wisely.


Prepare To Breastfeed The Right Way


Many new mamas make the mistake of not preparing for breastfeeding. They assume it will be an easy process or it will come naturally. That is rarely the case and only some hospitals offer support.

It’s up to you to learn ahead of time so it won’t be so stressful and hard for you and especially your hungry baby.

You should absolutely take a course ahead of time and you can do so very cheaply online. The most popular one online is called Milkology and it’s only $19. Thousands of moms have taken it and learned to breastfeed easily and successfully on their first try.

You can see the course right here. 



Create A Breastfeeding Station


Creating a nice Breastfeeding station with everything you need is a good idea. You’ll want a quiet place with all your stuff in arms reach. Here’s a breastfeeding guide that shares everything you’ll need.



Create Your Baby Book


If you are wanting to create a baby book now’s the time to get started. You can buy one of those ready made books or you could just create your own scrapbook. Here’s a lovely floral one on Amazon that I like.

Or you could use Blurb once your baby is born to create your very own hardcover books of all the photos you take. It’s really easy, you just upload your photos, order your books and they send them to you. It’s pretty cool. You can check out Blurb with the banner below.


Take Maternity Photos


Speaking of photos and scrapbooking, many women like to take maternity photos for their memory books these days, and I think it’s a brilliant idea.

This was not on trend when I had my three babes and now I really regret not having photos of my pregnancies. Well, I have photos but they’re not professional ones. It’s disappointing.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Get those pretty pictures made.



Get LOTS Of Rest


This! Get SO much rest. Then get some more. You will not sleep for a month once your baby is here.

I mean you will some… but not REAL sleep. Sometimes you may go much longer. It will all depend on how well your baby sleeps and what kind of schedule they develop.

So take advantage of that bliss that only your bed can bring you and enjoy every minute of it.


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Get A Hair Cut


You should definitely get a hair cut before baby arrives. You just won’t be able to after for the longest time. You think you will be you won’t.

You will hardly have time to even bathe.

I know what you’re thinking. You won’t become that mom. But you will believe me. It may only last the first year but that’s just the way motherhood goes.



Have Sex. Seriously.


Sex during pregnancy is so good. All those hormones make your body go crazy and they will really affect your orgasm.

Best. Ever.  And you have to keep in mind that after baby comes you’ll have to sustain for at least 6 weeks. That can seem like a long time for some so get in some good sessions and Enjoy yourself. Then get some more sleep.


third trimester to do list #thirdtrimester #thirdtrimestertodolist #childbirth # childbirthlist #pregnancy


Begin Perineal Massage

Perineal massage is the stretching of the opening of the birth canal. This type of massage done in the last month of pregnancy will increase your chances of having a natural vaginal birth and it will also help prevent tearing.

You can learn more about preventing tears and Perineal massage here.



Wash All Your Baby’s Clothes 


It’s best to go ahead and wash your baby’s clothes before she wears them in a gentle detergent like Dreft. 

Your baby’s skin is really delicate and there is often dust and chemicals on new clothes that can cause irritation and rashes.

New babies are really prone to becoming rashy so doing this will really help prevent skin problems.


third trimester to do list #thirdtrimester #thirdtrimestertodolist #childbirth # childbirthlist #pregnancy



Clean Your House When You’re Getting Close


When you feel like you’re getting close to birth give your house a really good cleaning. But I don’t really have to tell you this.

You’ll go into nesting mode and clean everything in sight. It’s good to do this because it will be a lot less stressful after the baby is born if everything is in order.


Pay Bills Ahead Of Time


This is a big one. If you don’t pay bills ahead of time you’ll forget! I know you think you won’t be you likely will unless someone else takes care of it for you.

It won’t even come to mind. When I had my babes it was like the outside world didn’t exist. It just all falls away and it’s hard to remember certain responsibilities.

I learn this the hard way by the time I had my third. I Paid everything in advance for two months so I wouldn’t forget again.



Buy Any Last Minute Items That You Didn’t Get On Your Registry


You probably have most of what you need by now but there may be one or two things you didn’t get on your registry or that you just forgot. Grab them now so you’ll have them handy.

So this is your 3rd Trimester list of Critical things to get done. I think I covered just about everything and I hope it helps. If you want to download it as a pdf for reference you can use the purple button below.

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