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Breastfeeding is a lot of work but it’s also very worth it. I breastfed all three of my babes and it was something I’ll never forget.

The closeness that’s created is like nothing else in this world.

With that being said, there were difficult times and I wish I had known some of the breastfeeding tips and hacks below. I feel like they would have helped a lot.

Check them out to make your breastfeeding journey easier so you can enjoy the good stuff.

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Breastfeeding Tips That Change The Game

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Breastfeeding tips that are a game changer #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedinghacks


Let’s Talk about how to minimize the pain first then Will Move into Some Other Great Tips!


Use Boobie Ice Packs 


There are these perfect little frozen gel packs made especially for breastfeeding mums and they’re a LIFESAVER. You must get these to help soothe the pain and burning you feel when you first start breastfeeding. They often make the difference between continuing or Giving up. Medela Hydro-Gel Breast pads are just what you need. They’re affordable and you get them on Amazon. 


You Could Use A Nipple Shield 


A Nipple shield will also help you work through the pain in the first couple of weeks. You can use them some of the time when the pain is at it’s worst. You can read more about how these can help here and you can find great nipple shields right here. 

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 Use A Really Good Nipple Ointment


This is also another must-have. A good nipple ointment will soothe and heal the pain away. You should definitely use something organic and natural because some of this will get in your baby’s mouth and you don’t want anything processed getting into her system. Here’s a great Certified Organic Nipple Ointment That I used myself with my three babes.


Change The Position You Feed Your Baby


It’s good to change the position you feed your baby in often. It will help keep your back from aching and your nipples won’t be as sore because the latch position will change slightly.


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Set Up A Nursing Station 


Set up an area where you breastfeed that has everything you need on hand. You’ll be sitting there a lot for the first few months and you want everything within arms reach.

Things You may need:

  • Water for you
  • nursing pads
  • burp cloths
  • a phone, book or magazine
  • Snacks
  • A Breastfeeding Pillow



Take A Breastfeeding Course!


Taking a breastfeeding course is a smart idea for any new mama. Milkology is an online Video Course That will teach you everything you need to know about breastfeeding in just a couple hours and it’s only $19! Breastfeeding isn’t as easy as you think and you do need to learn how beforehand. You should definitely check it out here. 

breastfeeding video


Use A Hairband To Remember Which Side You Nursed From Last


It’s easy to forget which breast you fed from first when you’re a tired, sleep-deprived Mama. It’s important you know which breast was first because your babe will drink more milk out of that first one.

In time this can cause an uneven distribution of milk production within the breast. So you need to alternate which one you feed from first each time. Using a hairband on your wrist will help you remember.


Breastfeeding tips that are a game changer #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedinghacks


Use A Really Good Breastfeeding Pillow


I can’t stress having a Good Breastfeeding Pillow enough. If you don’t have a good one supporting your baby will really pull on your back and cause a lot of strain. This happened to me and I had terrible back pain every time I nursed. Infantino Makes an adjustable one that supports the size of your baby no matter how small or big. It’s the absolute best breastfeeding pillow made. You can see it here. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of breastfeeding? You could speak to a Licensed Lactation Consultant Online. It’s not that expensive and she can really help you breastfeed like a pro right from the start. You can speak to someone at Lactation Link Right Here. 


Have Really Good Support For Yourself As Well


You need really good support for yourself too. There’s a Maternity Pillow made just for breastfeeding moms called Back Buddy and I would not Do Without it. It makes nursing so much more comfortable! You Can Find It Here On Amazon.


Wear A Breastfeeding Top For Easy Access


You know you need a nursing bra but there are some great tops that help get the job done easier too.

These Come in a Pack of three and they’re durable and cute. Here’s a really cute Long sleeve top that is really stylish.



Wear A Nursing Necklace 


You may have heard of breastfeeding necklace and wondered what their purpose is… Well, they help grab your babe’s attention. Baby’s often become distracted as they get older and they may pull at your hair or scratch at your skin.  The necklace will help them focus and keep them entertained. Here’s a really pretty one.


Breastfeeding tips that are a game changer #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedinghacks


Use A Sling To Breastfeed


Using a sling to carry your babe in as she gets older is super convenient. You can get stuff done and you can even breastfeed her while walking around. They are usually very discrete too. Having a sling is a must for any busy mama. Trust me. Here’s the best multi-purpose sling that allows plenty of room for breastfeeding.



Use A Pumping Bra


Just like the sling mentioned above, a pumping bra will make your life a whole lot easier. You can pump and move around and do the things you need to do. It looks silly but they work great. Nobody has time to sit around and breastfeed AND pump several times a day for 30 minutes at a time. Anything that allows you to do these things handsfree makes life much easier. This Pumping bra has over 7,000 positive reviews and it’s affordable.




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Use Milk Saving Shells


When you first start breastfeeding you’ll leak a lot of milk. These Milk Saving Shells will allow you to gather that extra milk for later. They are really convenient.


Drink Lactation Smoothies 


Drinking Yummy smoothies while breastfeeding is satisfying and with the right ingredients, they boost your milk supply and milk nutrients. A really good protein powder that is natural and organic will boost nutrients for both you and your babe. I highly recommend Ora Organics for protein powder and supplements. They are a very pure brand. You can get %10 off just for using my coupon code THISLITTLENEST10.


Use Cabbage To Alleviate Engorgement 


Researchers are not sure why but cabbage leaves on the breast can relieve pain, swelling and even reduce engorgement temporarily. So give it a try!



Drink Water! 


When you’re breastfeeding, Dehydration can happen quickly. Always remember to drink plenty of fluids but especially water! This will keep you feeling good and strong and it will help keep your milk supply up.


Use Soda Can Boxes To Store Your Milk 


Many women cut open a soda can box and put their milk storage bags in them. This is a great idea because otherwise, they end up all over the freezer.


Use Fenugreek To Increase Milk Supply


Using Fenugreek to boost milk supply is a remedy that’s been passed down from generation to generation. The best part? It works! You should definitely try it if you’re having trouble getting a good supply up. Here’s some specially made for nursing mamas.




Take A Course On Pumping


Pumping your breasts is a fine art. Especially if you’re going back to work. Many mamas go back and lose their supply because they don’t know exactly how often to pump or what to do to. There’s a pumping course made by the same Consultant who does Milkology that’s only $19. It’s worth every penny to help preserve that precious supply when your maternity leave is up. You can see the course here. 


pumping course this little nest


Get A Nursing Night Light


Using a dimmable light when your baby breastfeeds at night will help keep him sleepy. Even turning on a regular lamp is too bright and may cause him to become wide awake and ready to play. You need a special nursery light and this dimmable LED night light is perfect and comes highly recommended with rave reviews.


Drink Nursing Tea


Drinking tea especially for nursing mums is very beneficial for both you and your babe. Here’s a good one to try. 


 Turn Breastmilk Into Popsicles For Teethers


When your baby is teething, ice-cold feels good. There’s nothing better than giving them a breastmilk popsicle to help soothe their pain. They’re easy to make with these Nuby Frozen pop trays.

So that’s it! These game-changing breastfeeding tips will make things so much easier for you!

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Breastfeeding tips that are a game changer #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedinghacks


Breastfeeding tips that are a game changer #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedinghacks


Breastfeeding tips that are a game changer #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedinghacks


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