Many women swear that there are certain symptoms that will come with a girl pregnancy vs a boy pregnancy and I am one of them. I’ve had 3 babies, 2 boys, and 1 girl, and at least for me, there was a huge difference in the symptoms of both types of pregnancies.

Some say it’s an old wives tale that you can tell the difference but I believe there is some evidence that says otherwise, even a few studies I’ll link to.

I decided to write this post because I got such an amazing response to my post “How to get pregnant with a girl” ( Read it here ), so I thought I would write about the symptoms of being pregnant with a girl as an add-on.

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So what are the symptoms of having a baby girl in the womb? Read on to find out!

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Baby Girl Symptoms During Early Pregnancy

Signs you're having a baby girl

Mood Swings 

All pregnancies create dramatic mood swings. It’s the hurricane of hormones inside of you.

But it has been said many times by many women that if you’re feeling more depressed and generally more irritable then you may have a baby girl in the womb.

There are studies that do show a difference in hormone concentrations from males to females so this could be the reason that things can vary between the two.

Particularly, hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone responsible for a positive home pregnancy test can be higher with female pregnancies and can remain that way throughout your entire pregnancy.

This could very well account for your extra moodiness among other things.

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Morning Sickness

Terrible morning sickness can happen with either a boy or a girl, but there’s a study that does correlate higher levels of morning sickness with being pregnant with a girl.

Again, it’s that coming into play. Here’s the study if you want to have a look for yourself.  You can also read about how to control morning sickness really well right here. 

Weight Gain 

Another side effect of having a girl seems to be gaining more weight all around. This was very true for me.

I was belly only with both my boys. But in my third pregnancy with a girl, I had all the symptoms on this list and more. But I especially had more weight gain.

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Some people may tell you that the things on this list are old wives’ tales but are they?

I believe they do have some truth in them. One of the reasons this may be true is that you also have higher oestrogen levels when you have a baby girl in the womb.

According to this study, in the first half of pregnancy oestrogen levels were around 9% higher for pregnancies when the baby was a girl, and progesterone levels were lower in the second trimester.

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Stress Levels

Stress levels can affect the sex of the baby as well. Based on this study there was a link between levels of the stress hormone cortisol and the male-to-female birth ratio.

This is related to stress levels before pregnancy though.

In the study, women with high levels of cortisol before conception were statistically more likely to have a girl.

No One wants to be extra stressed but If you are somehow you are more likely to have the girl you want, so at least there’s that.


Higher Heart rate

Can the heart rate predict your baby’s sex? Well, many say this is a myth and perhaps it is mostly but there does seem to be a correlation between a higher heart rate and having a girl, at least some of the time.

Can you depend on this method of prediction? Probably not, but it’s fun to try and notice the heartbeat and see if it turns out to be true for you.

There does seem to be a documented difference during labor when the female rate is considerably faster. So at least it holds true during this time, but I’m guessing by then you already know the sex of your baby.


Skin Acne 

Skin Acne comes back down to those pesky hormones again. Women have elevated levels of certain hormones during pregnancy when pregnant with a girl.

This can cause more skin eruptions and painful cyst-like pimples on your face, especially around your chin area.


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It’s unfortunate but there’s not much you can do about it since it’s hormonal. Just try not to pick.

Boob Size

Once again we’re back to hormones. The higher the levels of certain hormones the Sooner your breasts will balloon out and the bigger they’ll get. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Once you have your baby they’ll get even bigger when your milk comes in so be sure to wear a very supportive bra. You can learn how to prevent sagging while pregnant and breastfeeding in this article right here.  Here’s another post about firming them up after the whole ordeal is over.

Most of these are pretty good  Baby Girl Symptoms during Early Pregnancy. They can help you make a fairly good guess on whether or not you’re having a girl. After all, there’s a fifty percent chance you’re right!

Enjoy your pregnancy 😉

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Signs you're having a baby girl

Signs you're having a baby girl

Signs you're having a baby girl

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